Lisa Wagner

Lisa Marie Wagner , Ph.D., Ohio University; M.A., University of Denver; B.A., Wittenberg University

Adjunct Assistant Professor

McMicken Hall

A&S Communication Adjuncts - 0184


Ph.D.: Ohio University Athens, OH, 2011 (Mass Communication)

M.A.: University of Denver Denver, Colorado, 2004 (Mass Communication, Film Studies)

B.A. : Wittenberg University Springfield, OH, 2001 (French and Creative Writing)

Research and Practice Interests

Research and Practice Interests include: Critical/Cultural perspectives including, but not limited to, political economy, textual analysis, and audience reception studies.  Preference to qualitative research methods includes: qualitative interviewing, participant observation, ethnography, and textual analysis. Research content interests include: adolescent media use, identity, new media, and popular cultural studies.

Abbreviated Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

Communicating Thin: A grounded model of online negative enabling support groups (ONESGs) in the Pro-Anorexia movement.
New Media & Society 13, pp. 40-57


Invited Presentations

Lisa M. Wagner (05-07-2009. ) The First Year Academic Experience .Ohio University, School of Media Arts & Studies, Athens, OH. Other Institution. . Level:University

Paper Presentations

Lisa M. Wagner (04-02-2009. ) "The Many Faces of MySpace: A multiperspectival feminist approach to studying social networking." .St. Louis, MO. Conference. Level:National

Lisa M. Wagner (10-17-2008. ) World Wide Webkinz: What the experts have to say .Copenhagen, Denmark. Conference. Level:International

Lisa M. Wagner (11-15-2007. ) ’Why don’t you just find yourself a nice book to read?’: Popular fiction and the tweenage girl .Chicago, IL. Conference. Level:National

Lisa M. Wagner (10-17-2007. ) Presenting face on Myspace: Girls, identity and the Internet .Vancouver, B.C.. Conference. Level:International

Lisa M. Wagner (10-12-2006. ) Performing gender in Hollywood films: Tranny goes to Hollywood.” .St. Louis, MO. Conference. Level:International

Lisa M. Wagner (10-05-2005. ) ’Your mother’s getting older too,’: Seventeen Magazine’s representations of Mother-Daughter Relationships during Second Wave Feminism .Houghton, MI. Conference. Level:International

Courses Taught


15-COMM-418 GENDER & NEW MEDIA (Gender, Race, Class, & Sexuality & New Media)