Rachel Ancona

Rachel Messer Ancona

Research Coordinator

Medical Sciences Building

COM Emergency Medicine Research Division - 0769


BS, University of Cincinnati 2011 (Biology)

MS, University of Cincinnati 2016 (Epidemiology)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Kreitzer, Natalie; Ancona, Rachel; McCullumsmith, Cheryl; Kurowski, Brad G; Foreman, Brandon; Ngwenya, Laura B; Adeoye, Opeolu (2018. ) The Effect of Antidepressants on Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury: A Meta-analysis.The Journal of head trauma rehabilitation, ,

Kasaie, Parastu; David Kelton, W; Ancona, Rachel M; Ward, Michael J; Froehle, Craig M; Lyons, Michael S (2018. ) Lessons Learned From the Development and Parameterization of a Computer Simulation Model to Evaluate Task Modification for Health Care Providers.Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, , 25 (2 ) ,238-249

Rentz, Michael F; Ruffner, Andrew H; Ancona, Rachel M; Hart, Kimberly W; Kues, John R; Barczak, Christopher M; Lindsell, Christopher J; Fichtenbaum, Carl J; Lyons, Michael S (2017. ) Pilot Integration of HIV Screening and Healthcare Settings with Multi- Component Social Network and Partner Testing for HIV Detection.Current HIV research, , 15 (5 ) ,372-381

Haas, Stephen M; Perazzo, Joseph D; Ruffino, Andrew H; Ancona, Rachel M; Lyons, Michael (2017. ) The Know?Now Project: Facilitated Serosorting in HIV-Status Sexual Partner Communication.AIDS education and prevention : official publication of the International Society for AIDS Education, , 29 (5 ) ,432-442

Butler, Megan M; Ancona, Rachel M; Beauchamp, Gillian A; Yamin, Cyrus K; Winstanley, Erin L; Hart, Kimberly W; Ruffner, Andrew H; Ryan, Shawn W; Ryan, Richard J; Lindsell, Christopher J; Lyons, Michael S (2016. ) Emergency Department Prescription Opioids as an Initial Exposure Preceding Addiction.Annals of emergency medicine, , 68 (2 ) ,202-8

Contact Information

Phone: (513)558-0106