Sarah Anthony

Sarah Marie Anthony

Graduate Student- Masters Degree Program

Cardiovascular Rsrch Cntr


COM IM Cardiology Tranter Lab - 0586


Peer Reviewed Publications

McLane, Richard D; Le Cozannet-Laidin, Léon; Boyle, Maxwell S; Lanzillotta, Lindsey; Taylor, Zachary L; Anthony, Sarah R; Tranter, Michael; Onorato, Amber J (2017. )Synthesis and PGE2 inhibitory activity of novel diarylheptanoids.Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, ,

Slone, Samuel; Anthony, Sarah R; Wu, Xiaoqing; Benoit, Joshua B; Aube, Jeffrey; Xu, Liang; Tranter, Michael (2016. )Activation of HuR downstream of p38 MAPK promotes cardiomyocyte hypertrophy.Cellular signalling, ,28 (11 ),1735-41

Kraynik, Stephen M; Gabanic, Andrew; Anthony, Sarah R; Kelley, Melissa; Paulding, Waltke R; Roessler, Anne; McGuinness, Michael; Tranter, Michael (2015. )The stress-induced heat shock protein 70.3 expression is regulated by a dual-component mechanism involving alternative polyadenylation and HuR.Biochimica et biophysica acta, ,1849 (6 ),688-96

Crutcher, K A; Lilley, H N; Anthony, S R; Zhou, W; Narayanaswami, V (2010. )Full-length apolipoprotein E protects against the neurotoxicity of an apoE-related peptide.Brain research, ,1306 ,106-15

Anthony, Sarah R; Guarnieri, Adrienne R; Gozdiff, Anamarie; Helsley, Robert N; Phillip Owens, Albert; Tranter, Michael (2019. )Mechanisms linking adipose tissue inflammation to cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis.Clinical science (London, England : 1979), ,133 (22 ),2329-2344

Green, Lisa C; Anthony, Sarah R; Slone, Samuel; Lanzillotta, Lindsey; Nieman, Michelle L; Wu, Xiaoqing; Robbins, Nathan; Jones, Shannon M; Roy, Sudeshna; Owens, A Phillip; Aube, Jeffrey; Xu, Liang; Lorenz, John N; Blaxall, Burns C; Rubinstein, Jack; Benoit, Joshua B; Tranter, Michael (2019. )Human antigen R as a therapeutic target in pathological cardiac hypertrophy.JCI insight, ,4 (4 ),