Jaime Argueta, Jr.

Jaime R. Argueta, Jr.

School of Criminal Justice
2610 University Cir
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
Email arguetjr@mail.uc.edu

Professional Summary

Jaime is a doctoral candidate at the University of Cincinnati specializing in Crime Prevention. His research focuses on gentrification, place management, and police tactics. His previous publication work dealt with hot spot policing patrol algorithms and officer’s wellness and safety. He currently works as a crime analyst for the King County Sheriff's Department while completing his dissertation.


Masters: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2018 (Criminal Justice)

Bachelors: Marist College Poughkeepsie, NY, 2017 (Criminal Justice)

Research and Practice Interests

My research focus has primarily been on crime prevention, place management, and gentrification. I am interested in finding out the long-term consequences of the places and cities we built. Furthermore I seek to better understand how a person’s actions in taking care of the place influence criminality.

Positions and Work Experience

2021 - Crime Analyst, King County Sheriff's Office, Seattle, WA

2018 -2021 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2014 -2017 Student Research Assistant, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

2016 -2016 Research Intern, Mohonk Preserve, New Paltz, NY

2015 -2015 Research Intern, Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, Poughkeepsie, NY

2014 -2014 Crime Analyst Intern, Kingston Police Department, Kingston, NY


Peer Reviewed Publications

Argueta J. R., Liu, L. & Eck, J. E. (2022. ) The Influence of Gentrification and Murders by Youths.Crime and Delinquency, , More Information

Moews, B., Argueta Jr, J., & Gieschen, A. (2021. ) Filaments of crime: Informing policing via thresholded ridge estimation.Decisions Support System, , 144 (113518 ) , More Information

Merenda, F. & Argueta Jr., J. (2018. ) Adventure -Based Therapy with At -Risk Youth: The Impact upon Self-confidence, Maturity, and Schooling .Journal of Applied Juvenile Justice Services, ,

Book Chapter

Argueta JR, J & Lonergan. H (2020 ) Labeling Theory: A Theoretical and Empirical Overview Deviance Today .Routledge

Electronic Journal

McMannus, H. & Argueta, JR. J (2019. ) Officer Wellness Programs: Research Evidence and a Call to Action .Police Chief,



Argueta Jr., J., Eck, J.E., & Cullen, F.T. (2019). A Possible Cause of the Great Crime Rise: Urban Renewal’s Contribution to the Crime Rise of 1964-75. ASC, San Francisco, CA. Level:National

Argueta Jr., J., & Haberman, C.P. (2018). Connecting the lines: A comparison of journey to crime distance metrics . ASC, Atlanta, GA. Level:National

Merenda, F. & Argueta Jr., J. (2017). Adventure -Based Therapy with At -Risk Youth: The Impact upon Self-confidence, Maturity, and Schooling . ACJS, Kansas City, Missouri. Level:National

Argueta Jr., J., Conyers, A., & Raines, J (2016). Transient Crime: Law Enforcement Perspectives on Hot Spot Policing . ACJS, Denver, Colorado. Level:National

Argueta Jr., J. (2015). Crime Analyst and Police Officers Perceptions of Hot Spot Policing . NEACJS, Bristol, Rhode Island. Level:Regional


Argueta, Jr. J. (2020. ) CJ 2050: Policing in America .University of Cincinnati.

Argueta Jr., J. (2020. ) CJ 4077: Crime Prevention .University of Cincinnati.

Argueta Jr., J. (2021. ) CJ 3504: Problem Solving in Policing .University of Cincinnati.

Argueta Jr., J. (2021. ) CJ 2050: Policing in America .University of Cincinnati.


Crime Prevention, Place-Based Intervention, Hot Spots Policing, Gentrification, Urban Renewal

Contact Information

Academic - School of Criminal Justice
2610 University Cir
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221

Practice - King County Sheriff's Office
5303 1st Ave S.
Seattle  Washington, 98108
Phone: 206-477-3354