Shekhinah Bathyehudah-Brown

Shekhinah Tigrah Nesikah Bathyehudah-Brown

Instructor - Adjunct

Corbett Cntr Perform Arts

CCM TAPAA - 0003

Professional Summary

Shekhinah B-Brown is the founder of The Women’s Coalition for Empowerment, Inc, ( an art-centered nonprofit organization focused on capacity-building strategies in partnership with institutions to amplify underserved artists.

Her practice focuses on strategic planning, creative cultural production, fundraising, capacity management, and project-based initiatives. Shekhinah supports artists and art administrators foster new ideas and strategies to enhance their skills and further their objectives.

Shekhinah earned her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership with concentrations in grant writing and program development.She aims to empower learners withfact-based evidence,practical knowledgeand pertinentexperience.