C. Ralph Buncher

C. Ralph Ralph Buncher , ScD, MS

Kettering Lab Complex



BS: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA, 1960 (Industrial Management and Biostatistics)

MS: Harvard University Boston, MA, 1964 (Biostatistics and Epidemiology)

Sc.D.: Harvard University Boston, MA, 1967 (Biostatistics and Epidemiology)

Research Support

Grant: #U01-CA96109 Investigators:Buncher, Charles 09-17-2002 -08-31-2008 National Cancer Institute Phase II Trial of ACAPHA in Former Smokers with IEN Role:PI $133,102.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #AK-01-01-A0-S2-E3 Investigators:Buncher, Charles 01-01-1997 -09-30-2000 AK Steel Corporation AK Steel Mortality Report Role:PI $84,233.00 Closed Level:Industry

Grant: #66636 Investigators:Buncher, Charles; Kennerly, Susan; Kim, J.; Miller, Elaine; Yap, Tracey 09-01-2009 -08-31-2011 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Mobility Team Approach to Reduction of Facility-Acquired Pressure Ulcers Role:Collaborator $299,963.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #103075 / U01 DK072493 Investigators:Buncher, Charles 12-15-2009 -09-22-2011 National Inst of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease Adolescent Bariatrics: Assessing Health Benefits and Risks Role:PI $244,471.00 Closed Level:Federal

Grant: #DK095710 Investigators:Buncher, Charles 09-23-2011 -08-31-2016 National Inst of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease Teen-Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (Teen-LABS) Role:PI $1,674,106.00 Active Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Inge, Thomas H; Courcoulas, Anita P; Jenkins, Todd M; Michalsky, Marc P; Helmrath, Michael A; Brandt, Mary L; Harmon, Carroll M; Zeller, Meg H; Chen, Mike K; Xanthakos, Stavra A; Horlick, Mary; Buncher, C Ralph (2016. ) Weight Loss and Health Status 3 Years after Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents.The New England journal of medicine, , 374 (2 ) ,113-23 More Information

Yap, Tracey L; Kennerly, Susan M; Simmons, Mark R; Buncher, Charles R; Miller, Elaine; Kim, Jay; Yap, Winston Y (2013. ) Multidimensional team-based intervention using musical cues to reduce odds of facility-acquired pressure ulcers in long-term care: a paired randomized intervention study.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, , 61 (9 ) ,1552-9 More Information

Jenkins, Todd M; Buncher, C Ralph; Akers, Rachel; Daniels, Stephen R; Lawson, M Louise; Khoury, Philip R; Wilson, Tawny P; Inge, Thomas H (2013. ) Validation of a weight history questionnaire to identify adolescent obesity.Obesity surgery, , 23 (9 ) ,1404-12 More Information

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Published Books

Buncher et al. (2006. ) Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry .Boca Raton, FL , Chapman &Hall/CRC (Co-Editor)


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