Assistant Professor

Professional Summary

Eric Charlton is an accomplished healthcare professional, with both primary care and radiology administrative experienced. He has worked in healthcare organizations ranging from Trauma 1 centers to small rural acute care settings. During his time at Wilson Health Hospital, he have been able to increase productivity by 5% each year, and increase department morale in radiology, while managing a diverse staff and bridging the gap between physicians, staff and patients. He also has knowledge of strategic and operational planning, health care economics, personnel administration, federal, state, and local laws, financial management, and the latest trends in the health care industry. He has led diversity initiatives and been instrumental in lean management projects, having worked in twenty-five states as a radiology professional over sixteen years, and have helped with community engagement of C-suite executives for growth opportunities. He currently at the forefront of developing leadership development theory and practices, as it pertains to organizational culture improvement, as a PhD candidate. He was recently downsized, along with other senior leadership, due to financial troubles of the hospital organization.
Selected accomplishments include:
*Increased revenues by 5% year-to-year for the last two years.
*Increased employee moral by conducting perception study of initial radiologist group, thereby contracting with another radiologist group.
*Transitioned radiology department from CR technology to Digital technology.
*Developed a marketing campaign to offer 4D ultrasound AND 3D mammography services to community.
*Increased employee efficiency and decreased radiology read Turn Around times, due to negotiating with new radiologist group.
*Nominated 2015 Ohio Healthcare Worker of year by Wilson Health.