Alexis Dodson

Alexis Nicole Dodson

PhD Student
711 Rieveschl Hall
Tel: 248-525-8812


B.S. : University of Michigan - Dearborn Dearborn, 2017 (Biology, Minors- Applied Statistics, Psychology)

Research and Practice Interests

You see a moderately attractive potential mate. Do you spend energy courting them or wait for something better to come along? What if it’s the first member of your species you’ve seen in a year? Does that change your decision? The choices animals make about their mates directly impact their fitness. I study these choices. As long-term research programs, I am interested in multimodal courtship interactions, differential courtship investment, the role of habitat ecology in mate choice, and the role and cost of mimicry in courtship and mating. 

My current research is focused on the impact of male courtship display on female attentional processes and choice in the jumping spider Habronattus pyrrithrix. I am also exploring the courtship and mating behavior of the myrmecomorph, Synemosyna formica.

Positions and Work Experience

- Research Assistant, University of Cincinnati,

- Teaching Assistant BIOL 1082L, University of Cincinnati,

- Lab Assistant, University of Michigan - Dearborn,


Poster Presentations

(04-01-2017. ) Variation in paternity patterns: sticky sperm or inter-mating interval? .University Of Michigan - Dearborn. . Level:Department

Paper Presentations

(06-16-2017. ) Eat Prey, Love: the impact of prey density and operational sex ratios on mating behavior in an orbweaver .University of Toronto - Scarborough. Level:International

Honors and Awards

04-01-2017 Distinguished Research Award University of Michigan - Dearborn Type:Non-Monetary

04-01-2016 Undergraduate Research Fellowship University of Michigan - Dearborn

06-01-2018 Grant in Aid of Research Sigma Xi Status:Recipient Level:International Type:Grant

07-01-2017 Student Conference Presentation University of Michigan - Dearborn Type:Grant


(Biology Department Cell Biologist Search Comittee ) Committee Member 2018