Yao Fu

Yao Fu

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Room 745 Baldwin hall ML0070
2850 campus way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
Email yao.fu@uc.edu

Professional Summary

Environmental assisted fracture and fatigue behavior; Computationally guided innovative materials design; Corrosion and electrochemistry; Molecular dynamics modeling; Phase-field modeling; First-principles based computation

Lab webpage: Materials and Manufacturing Design Lab  (https://clmmd.wordpress.com)

We are hiring highly-motivated undergraduate and graduate students who have strong math/physics background, programing skills and are interested in the interdisciplinary research field of mechanical engineering and materials science. Preferred graduate students should have a master's degree or equivalent research experience. Interested students please send your resume and transcript to my email address at yao.fu@uc.edu.


PhD: University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA, (Mechanical Engineering)

M.S.: Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang, China, (Materials Science and Engineering)

Research Support

Grant: #R45075 Investigators:Fu, Yao 04-01-2019 -03-31-2020 UC's URC Faculty Research Cost Support Awards Program Tuning Anisotropy in Materials Properties by Controlling External Field Induced Microstructure Role:PI $7,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Grant: #N00014-20-1-2284 Investigators:Fu, Yao 04-01-2020 -03-31-2021 Office of Naval Research Integrated Simulation & Experimental Approach for Advancing Fundamental Understanding of Passive Film Formation and Stability in Multi-Principal Element Alloys Role:PI $277,079.00 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #CMMI-2044972 Investigators:Fu, Yao 10-01-2021 -09-30-2026 National Science Foundation CAREER: Understanding the Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of Additively Processed Metallic Alloys through an Integrated Experimental and Computational Approach Role:PI $594,948.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Yang X.;Wan Y.;Wang X.;Fu Y.;Huang Z.;Xie Q. (05-01-2019. ) Molecular dynamics studies of the mechanical behaviors and thermal conductivity of the DGEBA/MTHPA/C.Composites Part B: Engineering, , 164 ,659-666 More Information

Song J.;Field R.;Clarke A.;Fu Y.;Kaufman M. (02-15-2019. ) Variant selection of intragranular Ni2(Mo,Cr) precipitates (??) in the Ni-Mo-.Acta Materialia, , 165 ,362-372 More Information

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Fu Y.;Michopoulos J.;Gnanasekaran B. (12-01-2018. ) Microstructure evolution under isothermal and continuous cooling conditions via a combined multiphas.Computational Materials Science, , 155 ,457-465 More Information

Song J.;Fu Y.;Kim T.;Yoon Y.;Michopoulos J.;Rabczuk T. (12-01-2018. ) Phase field simulations of coupled microstructure solidification problems via the strong form partic.International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design, , 14 (4 ) ,491-509 More Information

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Fu Y.;Wu X.;Han E.;Ke W.;Yang K.;Jiang Z. (07-14-2008. ) Influence of cold work on pitting corrosion behavior of a high nitrogen stainless steel.Journal of the Electrochemical Society, , 155 (8 ) , More Information

Honors and Awards

2010 NSF summer institute fellowship on nano-mechanics, nano-materials and micro/nano manufactoring for attending NEMB2010 (NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology), Houston, TX (2010)

2009 1st degree Shichangxu research prize for graduate students Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Science

Contact Information

Academic - Room 745 Baldwin hall ML0070
2850 campus way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221