Samuel Garvey

Samuel T Garvey

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

I am a master's student in biological sciences studying vertebrate paleontology under Dr. Takuya Konishi. My research focuses on mosasaurs, with current projects involving Mesozoic marine reptile dentition and polar mosasaurs. My general research interests include morphology, biogeography, and phylogenetics.


Bachelor of Science: Indiana University Bloomington, IN, 2009 (Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management)

Bachelor of Science: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2014 (Biological Sciences)


Poster Presentations

Samuel Garvey [presenter] and Takuya Konishi (09-09-2017. ) The northernmost occurrence of a large tylosaurine mosasaur (Squamata: Mosasauridae) .Three Rivers Evolution Event, Pittsburgh, PA. . Level:Regional