Robert Christopher Gibler

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Robert Gibler, M.A., examines the cognitive, emotional, and physiological mechanisms underlying the co-occurrence of chronic pain and anxiety disorders among children and adolescents. He is particularly interested in school-related functioning and anxiety among youth with chronic pain.

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B.A.: Miami University Oxford, OH, 2015 (Psychology)

M.A.: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2018 (Clinical Psychology)

Research Support

Investigators:Gibler, R. C., Jastrowski Mano, K. E. 05-2017 -05-2018 University Research Council Social Factors in Pain Perception among Emerging Adults Role:Principal Investigator $5000 Completed Type:Fellowship

Investigators:Gibler, R. C., Jastrowski Mano, K. E. 12-2018 -12-2019 American Psychological Foundation Physiological Reactivity, Stress Exposure, and Anxiety Risk among Adolescents with Chronic Pain Role:Principal Investigator Denied Type:Grant

Investigators:Gibler, R. C., Smith, A. R. 04-2015 -04-2016 Miami University Clark Crannell Research Award The Role of Implicit Body Image in Disordered Eating among Men $500 Completed


Peer Reviewed Publications

Velkoff, E. A., Gibler, R. C., Forrest, L., & Smith, A. R. (2018. ) Indirect effects of negative body talk on eating, exercise, and expectations about steroids in a sample of at-risk adult men .Psychology of Men and Masculinity, ,

Mano, Q. R., Jastrowski Mano, K. E., Guerin, J. M., Gibler, R. C., Becker, S. P., Denton, C. A., Epstein, J. N., & Tamm, L. (2018. ) Fluid reasoning and reading difficulties among children with ADHD .Applied Neuropsychology: Child, ,

Gibler, R. C., Kalomiris, A. E., & Kiel, E. J. (2018. ) Paternal anxiety in relation to toddler anxiety: The mediating role of maternal behavior .Child Psychiatry and Human Development, , 49 (4 ) ,512-522

Jastrowski Mano, K. E., Gibler, R. C., Mano, Q. R. & Beckmann, E. A. (2018. ) Attentional bias toward school-related academic and social threat among test-anxious undergraduate students .Learning and Individual Differences, , 64 ,138-146

Jastrowski Mano, K. E., Gibler, R. C., Rusy, L. M., Ladwig, R. J., Madormo, C. O., & Hainsworth, K. (2017. ) Seasonal variation in pediatric chronic pain clinic phone triage call volume .Pain Management Nursing, , 8 (5 ) ,288-294

Quach, D., Gibler, R. C., & Jastrowski Mano, K.E. (2017. ) Does home practice compliance make a difference in the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions for adolescents? .Mindfulness, , 8 (2 ) ,495-504

Gibler, R. C., Jastrowski Mano, K. E., O’Bryan, E. M., Beadel, J. R., & McLeish, A. C. (2019. ) The role of pain catastrophizing in cyberchondria among emerging adults .Psychology, Health & Medicine, ,

Gibler, R. C., Beckmann, E. A., Lynch-Jordan, A. M., Kashikar-Zuck, S., & Jastrowski Mano, K. E. (2019. ) Characterizing social and academic aspects of school anxiety in pediatric chronic pain .The Clinical Journal of Pain, ,

Jastrowski Mano, K.E., O'Bryan, E.M., Gibler, R.C., & Beckmann, E.A. (2019. ) The co-occurrence of pediatric chronic pain and anxiety: A theoretical review of a developmentally informed shared vulnerability model .The Clinical Journal of Pain, ,

Ramsey, R.R., Plevinsky, J.M., Kollin, S., Gibler, R.C., Guilbert, T.W., & Hommel, K. (2019. ) Systematic Review of Digital Interventions for Pediatric Asthma Management .The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, ,


Poster Presentations

Ely, S., Bass, Z., O’Bryan, E. M., Gibler, R. C., Jastrowski Mano, K. E., & McLeish, A. C. (11-2018. ) Examining the unique predictive ability of affect tolerance factors in terms of anxiety-related safety behaviors. Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, New Orleans, LA. .

Gibler, R. C., Beckmann, E. A., & Jastrowski Mano, K. E. (09-2018. ) Social factors in pain perception among emerging adults .World Congress on Pain conference hosted by the International Association for the Study of Pain, Boston, MA. .

Gibler, R. C., Beckmann, E. A., Kashikar-Zuck, S., Lynch-Jordan, A., & Jastrowski Mano, K. E. (04-2018. ) School anxiety in pediatric chronic pain: A comparison of adolescents with chronic pain to their healthy peers .Society for Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, Orlando, FL. .

Honors and Awards

2017 Complementary & Integrative Medicine Poster Award, Society of Pediatric Psychology

2017 -2018 Social Factors in Pain Perception among Emerging Adults University Research Council Graduate Research Fellowship


University of Cincinnati Psychology Graduate Student Association President Type:Departmental Service 2018 -To Present

Courses Taught

15-PSYC-311 HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Level:Undergraduate