Elizabeth Costea

Clinical Research Dir

Research Support

Grant: #SRS 006665 Investigators:Boone, Jill; Gorevski, Elizabeth 01-01-2010 -12-31-2011 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Medication Adherence in Transplant Recipients Association with Quality of Life, Depression, and Personality Role:PI $110,000.00 Closed Level:Industry

Grant: #GOR-01 Investigators:Gorevski, Elizabeth 01-01-2011 -12-31-2011 American Pharmacists Association Foundation Assessment and Characterization of Headaches in Kidney Post Transplant Recipients Role:PI $1,000.00 Closed Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #HEORMA Investigators:Boone, Jill; Gorevski, Elizabeth 03-01-2011 -02-28-2016 Novartis AG Health Economics and Outcomes Research Master Agreement Role:Collaborator $20,820.00 Active Level:Industry