Noah Gripshover

Noah Daniel Lory Gripshover

MS student
851JA Rieveschl Hall

Professional Summary

I am interested in the behavior and ecology of animals with a primary focus on reptiles. Currently, I am investigating how snakes choose to move through the environment and the diet and feeding behavior of local snake species. My research consists of field studies around Cincinnati in combination with laboratory experiments.
Advisor: Dr. Jayne


Peer Reviewed Publications

Gora, E.M., N.D. Gripshover and S.P. Yanoviak (2015. ) Orientation at the water surface by the carpenter ant Camponotus pennsylvanicus .Myrmecological News, , (23 ) ,33 -39


Invited Presentations

N.D. Gripshover (2017. ) Orientation and biomechanics of Kentucky forest ants .Kentucky Natural History Society,

N.D. Gripshover, E.M. Gora, S.P. Yanoviak (2017. ) Swimming mechanisms of temperate forest ants .ACC Undergraduate Research Meeting of the Minds,

Poster Presentations

N.D. Gripshover and B.C. Jayne (2018. ) Color affects perch choice of Brown Tree Snakes (Boiga irreglaris) .Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology ,