Richard Johansen

Richard A. Johansen

Data Visualization Specialist

Braunstein Hall


UCL Research & Data Services, Data Scien - 0153

240B Braunstein Hall
Cincinnati , Ohio 45217

Professional Summary

Remote Sensing, GIS, Water Quality, Environmental Science, Data Visualization, R


Ph.D., University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2019 (Geography and GIS)

MA, University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio, 2015 (Geography)

B.S., Austin Peay State University Clarksville, TN, 2011 (Geosciences)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Beck R.; Xu M.; Zhan S.; Liu H.; Johansen R.; Tong S.; Yang B.; Song S.; Wu Q.; Wang S.; Berling K.; Murray A.; Emery E.; Reif M.; Harwood J.; Young J.; Martin M.; Stillings G.; Stumpf R.; Su H.; Ye Z.; Huang Y. (06-01-2017. )Comparison of Satellite Reflectance Algorithms for Estimating Phycocyanin Values and Cyanobacterial Total Biovolume in a Temperate Reservoir Using Coincident Hyperspectral Aircraft Imagery and Dense Coincident Surface Observations.Remote Sensing, ,9 (6 ),

Xu M.;Liu H.;Beck R.;Lekki J.;Yang B.;Shu S.;Kang E.;Anderson R.;Johansen R.; Emery E.; Reif M.;Benko T. (09-14-2018. )A spectral space partition guided ensemble method for retrieving chlorophyll-a concentration in inland waters from Sentinel-2A satellite imagery.Journal of Great Lakes Research, ,

Beck R.; Berling K.; Emery E.; Harwood J.; Huang Y.; Johansen R.; Liu H.; Macke D.; Martin M.; Murray A.; Nietch C.; Reif M.; Shu S.; Stillings G.; Stumpf R.; Su H.; Tong S.; Wang S.; Wu Q.; Xu M.; Yang B.; Ye Z.; Young J.; Zhan S. (01-01-2018. )Comparison of satellite reflectance algorithms for estimating turbidity and cyanobacterial concentra.Journal of Great Lakes Research, ,

Xu M, Liu H, Beck R, Lekki J, Yang B, Shu S, Liu Y, Benko T, Anderson R, Tokars R, Johansen R, Emery E, Reif M. (2019. )Regionally and Locally Adaptive Models for Retrieving Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Inland Waters From Remotely Sensed Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery.IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, ,

Shah, Silvi; Venkatesan, Renganathan Lalgudi; Gupta, Ayank; Sanghavi, Maitrik K; Welge, Jeffrey; Johansen, Richard; Kean, Emily B; Kaur, Taranpreet; Gupta, Anu; Grant, Tiffany J; Verma, Prasoon (2019. )Pregnancy outcomes in women with kidney transplant: Metaanalysis and systematic review.BMC nephrology, ,20 (1 ),24

Johansen, Richard; Beck, Richard; Nowosad, Jakub; Nietch, Christopher; Xu, Min; Shu, Song; Yang, Bo; Liu, Hongxing; Emery, Erich; Reif, Molly; Harwood, Joseph; Young, Jade; Macke, Dana; Martin, Mark; Stillings, Garrett; Stumpf, Richard; Su, Haibin (2018. )Evaluating the portability of satellite derived chlorophyll-a algorithms for temperate inland lakes using airborne hyperspectral imagery and dense surface observations.Harmful algae, ,76 ,35-46

Other Publications

Beck R.A.; Liu H.; Johansen R.; Xu M.; McGhan C.; Black G.T.; Ma O.; Tolbert C.; Lekki, J.; Tokars R.; Reif M.; Emery E.; Stumpf R.; Emerick G.; Nelson R. (08-10-2018. )Adapting Low-Cost Drone Technology to CubeSats for Environmental Monitoring and Man-agement: Harmful Algal Bloom Satellite-1 (HABsat-1) .Proceedings of the Small Satellite Conference,

Johansen R. (01-01-2014. )Analysis and validation of AIRS tropospheric carbon dioxide concentrations .Accuracy 2014 - Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences,

Johansen R, Nowosad J, Reif M, Emery E. (2018. )waterquality: Satellite Derived Water Quality Detection Algorithms. R package . CRAN


Remote Sensing, GIS, Water Quality, Environmental Science, Data Visualization, R

Contact Information

240B Braunstein Hall
Cincinnati   Ohio, 45217
Phone: 513-558-0381