Winnie Doyle

Professional Summary

I am an interdisciplinary scholar trained in humanities and social sciences and often employ both qualitative and quantitative methods in my research. My practice interests lie in creating and finding collaborative, tech-focused, accessible, and sustainable solutions to uplift marginalized communities.


Ph.D. (status: ABD): University of Cincinnati

Research and Practice Interests

South Asian studies; queer thea/ologies; feminist theories; digital scholarship; film, TV, and media studies; environmental literatures; food culture studies; critical human-animal studies; LGBTQUIA+ literatures; critical race and dis/ability studies

Honors and Awards

-2016 Exemplary Scholarship in Arts & Sciences Award Status:Recipient Level:University

Courses Taught

15-WGS-241 INTRO WOMENS ST Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Level:Undergraduate

15-WGS-210 HUMAN SEXUALITY Introduction to Human Sexuality Level:Undergraduate

Global Gender Issues Level:Undergraduate

Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies

Sexuality, Power, and Relationships Level:Undergraduate

-ENGL-1001 ENGLISH COMP Level:Undergraduate

GSUM/SUMR UC Interdisciplinary Research Project Level:Undergraduate

15-ENGL-267 TOPICS IN FILM 9/11 and Cinema Level:Undergraduate

Sex in Cinema (Topics in Film) Level:Undergraduate

-FILM-1051 INTRO FILM & MEDIA Introduction to Film Studies Level:Undergraduate

-ENGL-2089 INTERMEDIATE COMP Level:Undergraduate

-ENGL-1051 INTRO FILM STUDIES Level:Undergraduate