Divya Kompella

Divya Kompella

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
As the first in my family to pursue medicine, I forged my own identity, adopting both my mom’s resourceful, creative free spirit and my dad’s analytical mindset. This emboldened me in mitigating barriers and embracing the fluidity of ever-changing situations. I complemented my rigorous education with formal training at the Department of Justice, while championing for the underprivileged on Capitol Hill. Additionally, sponsored global travels honed my cultural competence. I am thrilled to get up in the morning and eager to serve my patients holistically – as a clinician, educator, advocate, motivator, and healer. Initiatives such as Choosing Wisely and Women in Medicine inspire me to engage in innovative models and lifelong learning. Truly, Internal Medicine is my calling. After residency, I intend to pursue a Cardiology fellowship to address the #1 killer in the United States, heart disease.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
Why not?
I was absolutely enthralled by the unparalleled learning platform along with the emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement.


MD: University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine