Mirjam Kotwick

Mirjam E Kotwick

Asst Professor

Blegen Library

A&S Classics - 0226

Professional Summary

Mirjam E. Kotwick (PhD LMU Munich, Germany, 2014) is a philologist with research interests in Greek literature, philosophy, and science as well as textual criticism and the reconstruction of philosophical and poetical texts. Her first book is a text-critical study of Aristotle’s Metaphysics (Alexander of Aphrodisias and the Text of Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Berkeley 2016). Here she reconstructs the Metaphysics texts available to Alexander, all older than our earliest manuscripts, and uses them to improve the text of the Metaphysics and shed light on its intricate tradition and reception. Her second book is an edition of the Derveni papyrus (Der Papyrus von Derveni, Boston/Berlin, 2017). This papyrus contains an intriguing late fifth century BCE treatise in which an anonymous author interprets an Orphic theogony as presocratic physics. Her work on the papyrus takes particular interest in the allegorical method the author employs and also the text’s complex interplay of religion, philosophy, and literary criticism and what it reveals about the author’s identity. Recently published and forthcoming articles examine allegorical interpretation in Homer and Plato, the influence of Empedocles on the Derveni author, the text-critical work of Werner Jaeger, and our evidence for Aristotle’s thought on the infinite. Her current projects include a study on dreams and their interpretation in literature, philosophy, and early science. She recently has also become interested in how computer technologies like natural language processing and machine learning can advance classical editorial scholarship.