Janet Matulis

Janet Kingsbury Matulis

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Research Associate

Edwards Center


A&S Psychology Adjuncts - 0376

Professional Summary

Dr. Matulis has coordinated numerous evaluations for projects involving K-16 and STEM education,teacher professional development and community organizations. She holds an M.S.in Agricultural Education and a Ph.D. in Education, with an emphasis on educational research and evaluation. In addition to her current Research Associate focus in the field of evaluation, her professional experience includes youth leadership through the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service and over 10 years of market research project management and consulting.


Paper Presentations

Morrison, J., Castañeda-Emenaker, I., Maltbie, C.V., Matulis, J.M. & Jordan, J.M. (11-2008. ) Evaluations of Professional Development in Education: When ‘Leave Them Smiling’ Is Not Enough .Denver, CO. Professional Meeting. Level:National