Jonathan McKinney

Jonathan Riley McKinney

Professional Summary

My main areas of interest are Non-Western Comparative Philosophy, Embodied Cognitive Science, and the possibility of interactions between the two. Specifically, I focus on Indian and Japanese Buddhist Philosophy and explore ways to use each in contemporary problems within Ecological Psychology, cognitive science, and environmental ethics. I am currently researching a comparative project involving empathy and a Buddhist notion of practice. 


Other Publications

Roger T. Ames, Masato Ishida, Takahiro Nakamjima, Shinji Kajitani (ed.) (2017. ) Embodied Cognitive Science and the Ecological and Contextual Embodiment of Kūkai .Papers from 2015 University of Tokyo - University of Hawai'i Summer Residential institute in Comparative Philosophy, UTCP - Uehiro Booklet 13 ,139 University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy


Non-Western Philosophy, Japanese Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy, Ecological Psychology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science