Danielle M. McLaughlin

Ph.D. Candidate

Professional Summary

Dani’s research focuses on the study of complex governance systems, where policy decisions that impact a given issue area (e.g., a watershed) are made across a series of interdependent decision making forums. Her research in this area generally attempts to answer questions such as 1) How does forum interdependence affect decision-making and policy output across a system? 2) Under what conditions can forum processes promote or impede collaboration/cooperation and effectiveness? 3) How do different factors (structural and functional) that characterize policy forums impact how environmental policy actors behave?


M.S.: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2016 (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)

B.S.: University of Pittsburgh , 2011 (Political Science and Geology)


Peer Reviewed Publications

McLaughlin, Danielle M., and Bethany B. Cutts (2018. ) Neither Knowledge Deficit nor NIMBY: Understanding Opposition to Hydraulic Fracturing as a Nuanced Coalition in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania .Environmental Management, , 62 (2 ) ,305

Mewhirter, Jack M., Danielle M. McLaughlin, & Manuel Fischer. (2019. ) The Role of Forum Membership Diversity on Institutional Externalities in Resource Governance Systems .Society and Natural Resources, ,

Book Chapter

Calfano, Brian, Oz Dincer, Danielle M. McLaughlin, and Yusuf Satafi (2018 ) Yes, We Can (Get Along)? Religion, Ethnicity, and Intergroup Trust in Chicago Understanding Muslim Political Life in America: Contested Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century .Philadelphia, Temple University Press