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Kevin Patrick McPartland , The University of Alabama, BA 2016 MA 2018

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Professional Summary

I am a PhD student studying Confederate nationalism and Southern identity in the press during the Civil War under Dr. Christopher Phillips. My research focuses on the ways the Southern press helped to create and either sustain or subvert nationalism during the war. While many scholars rely on papers from the large cities in the east, my work looks to examine smaller local papers that were interested in writing for a very local audience about their specific exeperience of the war. I have presented work on the press at the University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, and here at the University of Cincinnati.I graduated from The University of Alabama with my BA in history in 2016 and an MA in history in 2018.


Bachelor of Arts: The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL, 2016 (History)

Master of Arts: The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL, 2018 (History)

Research and Practice Interests

My research examines the ways the Southern press created and either sustained or undermined Confederate nationalism during the Civil War. Newspapers were the driving force of political knowledge during the war, and as such, they helped to define what it meant to be Southern and what it meant to be Confederate. As the war progressed and differnent areas experienced a very different type of war, aspects of regional identity, political ideology, and interactions with both the Confederate and Federal governments forced editors and their readers to consider their support for the war and their identity as Confederate citizens. Outside of cities like Richmond and Charleston, this was negotiated by local papers who worked to either soldifiy nationalism or chip away at its foundations in order to promote what they believed was best for the South. My research seeks to analyze how they accomplished this.

Positions and Work Experience

08-2016 -05-2018 Graduate Teaching Assisstant, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

08-2019 - Graduate Teaching Assisstant, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH


Paper Presentations

Kevin McPartland (03-2017. ) ‘“On to Richmond!’ Northern Reactions to Grant’s Overland Campaign of 1864” .Louisiana State University. Other Institution. Level:University

Kevin McPartland (09-2017. ) ‘“In No Sense of the Word Were They Beaten’ Interpretations of the Battle of Gettysburg in the Press” .The University of Alabama. Other Institution. Level:University

Honors and Awards

08-2018 -08-2019 Niehoff Fellow University of Cincinnati History Department Status:Recipient Level:Department

Outstanding Teaching Award The University of Alabama Department of History Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Monetary

Contact Information

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2700 Campus Way Room 358
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221
Phone: 314-757-2821