Carol Mercer

Carol A Mercer , PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Vontz Center for Molecular Studies
3125 Eden Avenue, Room 2308
ML 0508
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
Phone 513-558-4055
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Bachelor's Degree: Wittenberg University 1978 (Biology (Cum Laude))

Doctoral Degree: Wright State University 2007 (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)

Internship : The Community Hospital 1979 (Medical Technology )

Fellowship: University of Cincinnati 2008 (Genome Research Institute )

Research and Practice Interests

mTOR/S6K pathway in diabetes, mTOR signaling in hepatocellular carcinogenesis, Hematology Oncology

Positions and Work Experience

2011 -To Present Research Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2008 -2011 Senior Scientist, PDS Biotechnology, Lawrenceburg, IN

1974 -2001 MT (ASCP) and Hematology Team Leader, Mercy Medical Center, Springfield, OH

Research Support

Grant: #R21CA191814 Investigators:Elnakat, Hala; Kozma, Sara; Mercer, Carol 06-01-2015 -05-31-2017 National Cancer Institute Autophagy, mTOR inhibitors and phenformin in hepatocellular carcinoma Role:PI $221,653.00 Awarded Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Caserta TM, Kommagani R, Yuan Z, Robbins DJ, Mercer CA, Kadakia MP (2006. ) p63 overexpression induces the expression of Sonic Hedgehog .Molecular Cancer Research, , 4(10):759-68 ,

Teng, Teng; Thomas, George; Mercer, Carol A (2013. ) Growth control and ribosomopathies.Current opinion in genetics & development, , 23 (1 ) ,63-71 More Information

Thomas, Hala Elnakat; Mercer, Carol A; Carnevalli, Larissa S; Park, Jongsun; Andersen, Jesper B; Conner, Elizabeth A; Tanaka, Kazuhiro; Matsutani, Tomoo; Iwanami, Akio; Aronow, Bruce J; Manway, Liu; Maira, S Michel; Thorgeirsson, Snorri S; Mischel, Paul S; Thomas, George; Kozma, Sara C (2012. ) mTOR inhibitors synergize on regression, reversal of gene expression, and autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma.Science translational medicine, , 4 (139 ) ,139ra84 More Information

Giridhar, Premkumar Vummidi; Funk, Holly M; Gallo, Catherine A; Porollo, Aleksey; Mercer, Carol A; Plas, David R; Drew, Angela F (2011. ) Interleukin-6 receptor enhances early colonization of the murine omentum by upregulation of a mannose family receptor, LY75, in ovarian tumor cells.Clinical & experimental metastasis, , 28 (8 ) ,887-97 More Information

McFarland-Mancini, Molly M; Funk, Holly M; Paluch, Andrew M; Zhou, Mingfu; Giridhar, Premkumar Vummidi; Mercer, Carol A; Kozma, Sara C; Drew, Angela F (2010. ) Differences in wound healing in mice with deficiency of IL-6 versus IL-6 receptor.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), , 184 (12 ) ,7219-28 More Information

Mercer, Carol A; Kaliappan, Alagammai; Dennis, Patrick B (2009. ) A novel, human Atg13 binding protein, Atg101, interacts with ULK1 and is essential for macroautophagy. Autophagy, , 5 (5 ) ,649-62

Dennis, Patrick B; Mercer, Carol A (2009. ) The GST-BHMT assay and related assays for autophagy.Methods in enzymology, , 452 ,97-118 More Information

Mercer, Carol A; Kaliappan, Alagammai; Dennis, Patrick B (2008. ) Macroautophagy-dependent, intralysosomal cleavage of a betaine homocysteine methyltransferase fusion protein requires stable multimerization. Autophagy, , 4 (2 ) ,185-94

Robinson-Smith, Toni M; Isaacsohn, Idit; Mercer, Carol A; Zhou, Mingfu; Van Rooijen, Nico; Husseinzadeh, Nader; McFarland-Mancini, Molly M; Drew, Angela F (2007. ) Macrophages mediate inflammation-enhanced metastasis of ovarian tumors in mice.Cancer research, , 67 (12 ) ,5708-16 More Information

Donati, Giulio; Peddigari, Suresh; Mercer, Carol A; Thomas, George (2013. ) 5S ribosomal RNA is an essential component of a nascent ribosomal precursor complex that regulates the Hdm2-p53 checkpoint.Cell reports, , 4 (1 ) ,87-98 More Information

Honors and Awards

2004 Graduate Student Excellence Award Biomedical Sciences PhD Program, Wright State University

2003 Best poster Award Molecular Biology Retreat, Wright State University

1999 Mercy Medical Center Laboratory Quality Award Springfield, OH

Contact Information

Academic - Vontz Center for Molecular Studies
3125 Eden Avenue, Room 2308
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45267
Phone: 513-558-4055
Fax: 513-558-6703