Ertugrul Ozbudak

Ertugrul M Ozbudak

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Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Pediatrics Dev. Biology - 0054

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
240 Albert Sabin way, Room: R3563, MLC 7007
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

Professional Summary

Ertugrul M. Ozbudak, PhD's, overriding interest is to achieve a quantitative understanding of complex biological systems by integrating systems-level biological experimentation with mathematical modeling. He has worked on different biological phenomena, such as: stochasticity and multistability in gene expression, cell polarization and symmetry breaking, entrainment of gene expression oscillations, gene regulatory networks and analysis of transcriptome during muscle differentiation and vertebral segmentation. He has utilized genome-wide techniques, single-cell microscopy measurements, time-resolved perturbation experiments, mathematical modeling and computational simulations to accomplish these projects.
Stochastic mechanisms are common in biological systems. His earlier PhD studies investigated the effects of these microscopic fluctuations (biochemical noise) on macroscopic variations in gene expression (phenotypic noise). His follow-up studies showed that cells could utilize positive feedback loops to exploit the stochastic gene expression to achieve bistability at the population level. These work were among the first multidisciplinary studies focused on stochastic gene expression and triggered the blossoming of the “stochastic gene expression” field. 
Afterwards, Dr. Ozbudak investigated the systems-level properties of the vertebrate segmentation clock. He has performed computational modeling and time-resolved perturbation experiments to demonstrate that Notch signaling keeps the oscillations of neighboring cells synchronized. The period of the segmentation clock oscillations gets longer as cells are displaced along the posterior-to-anterior axis, which results in traveling waves of clock gene expression sweeping in the unsegmented tissue. By combining molecular-level computational modeling and quantitative experimentation, they showed that a gradient of gene expression time-delays along the axis underlies the traveling segmentation clock waves.


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA, USA, 2004 (Physics)

Research and Practice Interests

Segmentation of vertebral column; pattern formation; cell differentiation; systems biology; computational modeling

Research Support

Grant: #R01 GM111987 Investigators:Ozbudak EM 2014 -2019 NIH Regulatory Mechanisms Governing Vertebral Segmentation. Principal Investigator. Role:PI Active Type:Grant

Grant: #R01 GM122956 Investigators:Ozbudak EM 2017 -2021 NIH Elucidating the Mechanism of Precision in Vertebral Segmentation. Role:PI Active Type:Grant


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Simsek, Muhammed; Ozbudak, Ertugrul M (2018. ) Spatial Fold Change of FGF Signaling Encodes Positional Information for Segmental Determination in Zebrafish.Cell Reports, , 24 (1 ) ,66–78

Post Graduate Training and Education

2004-2007 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cancer Research UK (now Francis Crick Institute), , London, UK

2007-2009 Senior Research Associate, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, , Kansas City, MO, USA

Contact Information

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
240 Albert Sabin way, Room: R3563, MLC 7007
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45229
Phone: 513 803 2607