Thomas Palmer

Thomas Palmer

Assistant Professor
Athletic Training

Professional Summary

Dr. Thomas Palmer, PhD is an Associate Professor in RENS. He joined our faculty in 2016 when Athletic Training moved to CAHS. He had previously earned his PhD in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Kentucky in 2012 and has since been at UC in CECH. His research focuses on physical performance outcomes as they relate to movement analysis of the pelvis, spine and trunk during sport and daily acts of living. His work with both sport and industrial athletes, firefighters, and the military has been published in the Journal of Athletic Training and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research as well as several other journals.  Over the past several years, he has evaluated performance metrics such as heart rate variability and VO2 max in numerous athletes including scholarship and non-scholarship UC athletes over time. Using measures taken early in athletes’ careers, along with biomechanical field assessments, he has begun to predict performance success and attrition over time. Over the summer, he learned some his project entitled “Sport Science Division I Women's Wellness Initiative” was funded by the American Athletic Conference. Importantly, in 10-20 years, Dr. Palmer would like to be known for establishing safe and population appropriate training progressions and programming. Currently, he believes this area of research is very convoluted and filled with infomercial information. He hopes to debunk this information with high-quality, evidence based research.


Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Kentucky 05-2012 (Rehabilitation Science; Athletic Training)

Master of Science , Old Dominion University 05-1994 (Education, Emphasis in Athletic Training)

Bachelor of Science , State University of New York Cortland, 05-1992 (Physical Education, Instruction)

Positions and Work Experience

08-2012 -To Present Assistant Professor for Athletic Training Education, Manage CAATE clinical education program: documentation, evaluations, and proficiency instruction. , University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

01-2011 -To Present Lecturer, Kinesiology and Health Promotions, Lecturer for Exercise Science courses emphasizing athletic training, nutrition, motor learning and conditioning development, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

08-2005 -01-2011 Clinical Coordinator, Athletic Training Education, Maintain CAATE accredited standards for clinical education: affiliation agreements, ACI workshops/ documentation, evaluations, and proficiency instruction., Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY

07-1999 -07-2005 Program Director, Athletic Training Education, Served as Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and directed the development of an initial CAATE accredited athletic training education program: academic advisement, monitor proficiencies/competencies, didactic/clinical instruction, affiliations, evaluation tools and policy/procedures, established courses to construct four-year plan. Provide instruction of 9 credit hours per semester and serve on a minimum of 3 Institution committees, Charleston Southern University, Charleston, SC

07-1995 -06-1999 Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer/Lecturer, Instructed injury prevention and advanced athletic training courses. Served as Head Athletic Trainer for Division I athletic training program: sports medicine minor, student supervision, traveled men/women’s basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC

Research and Practice Interests

Educational Research:
·    Dispositions and athletic training student admissions. Fall 2008.

·    Immediate Didactic Reinforcement within the Clinical Setting: The Effects on Cognitive and Psychomotor Learning. July 2003 - 2005.

·    Students as Mentors in the Athletic Training Education Model. June2002 - present.

·    Mentor Learning: Group verse Partner Case Studies. September 1999 - 2001.

·    Education Reform: Survey Questionnaire: The Perception of Quality vs.Quantity Clinical Experiences, 2002 - 2006.

 Scientific Research Topic Areas:
·    Realtime Inter-rater/Session Reliability of FMS on High School Athletes.

·    FMS testing with and with out video instruction in a college population.

·    Self-perception and athletic performance on functional movements.

·    Gait Training Analysis with Subtalor Joint Instabilities.

·    Dietary Inquiry : A Nutritional Survey for the General Population.

·    The Jones Fracture : Implicationsf or Long Term Care.

·    The Effects of Galvanic Electrical Stimulation on Hamstring Strength and Sprint Speed.

·    The Effects of Creatine Phosphate on a Six Week Spring Program for Collegiate Division I Soccer Players.

Research Support

Grant: #AAC 2017 Investigators:Palmer, Thomas 08-01-2017 -04-30-2018 American Athletic Conference Sport Science Division I Women's Wellness Initiative Role:PI $7,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #2018-2019 Academic Consortium Research Grant Investigators:Palmer, Thomas 01-01-2018 -12-31-2018 American Athletic Conference Sport Science Division I Women’s Wellness Initiative Role:PI $10,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #2019-20 Res. Grant Investigators:Palmer, Thomas 09-01-2019 -08-30-2020 American Athletic Conference Sport Science Division Heart Rate Sensitivity Wellness Initiative Role:PI $10,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit


Published Abstracts

Palmer T. & Uhl T (2008. )Inter-test reliability of the chop and lift technique on the BTE Primus - RS to assess core stability .[Abstract]Journal of Canadian International Sports Medicine Institute,

Peer Reviewed Publications

Palmer T. G & Uhl T. (2011. )Interday reliability of peak muscular power outputs on an isotonic dynamometer and assessment of active trunk control using the chop and lift tests .6 (2 ),150 -159

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Pawlak, Ross; Clasey, Jody L; Palmer, Thomas; Symons, Thorburn B; Abel, Mark G (2015. )The effect of a novel tactical training program on physical fitness and occupational performance in firefighters.Journal of strength and conditioning research / National Strength & Conditioning Association, ,29 (3 ),578-88

Sugimoto, Dai; Mattacola, Carl G; Mullineaux, David R; Palmer, Thomas G; Hewett, Timothy E (2014. )Comparison of isokinetic hip abduction and adduction peak torques and ratio between sexes.Clinical journal of sport medicine : official journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine, ,24 (5 ),422-8

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Peveler, Willard W; Shew, Brandy; Johnson, Samantha; Palmer, Thomas G (2012. )A kinematic comparison of alterations to knee and ankle angles from resting measures to active pedaling during a graded exercise protocol.Journal of strength and conditioning research / National Strength & Conditioning Association, ,26 (11 ),3004-9

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Other Publications

Palmer T, Hoffman B (2003. )Revelations . bi-semester Kinesiology Department News Letter

Additional Publications


Palmer T, Hoffman B. (2004. )Revelations .Charleston Southern University,


Paper Presentations

Palmer T. (06-2008. )Inter-test reliability of the chop/lift technique on the BTE Primus-RS to assess core stability. Vancouver, Canada. Level:International

Palmer T. (06-2005. )PNF Technique and variations .Niagara Falls, Canada. Level:International

Daniels J, Palmer T. (03-2009. )Panama City, FL. .

Beehler P, Palmer T, Morgan T. (2009. )Stability Balance Measures and Impact Concussion Assessment .

Palmer T, Grodesky J. (03-2007. )Learning and teaching styles for the collegiate classroom .

Morgan T, Palmer T. Wasicsko, M. (06-2007. )Characteristics of effective athletic trainers: A qualitative study. .


Knowles W, Palmer T. Advanced rehabilitation techniques for return to sport progression .Professional Meeting. Level:National

Palmer T. Round Table discussion on CAATE Accreditation Process .

Palmer T. (06-2004. )Committee judge for poster presentations .

Honors and Awards

2007 -2008 Faculty of Excellence Award,Northern Kentucky University. Level:University

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: Outstanding Achievement Award. March 2001 -2003.

Appreciation Award: Athletic Training Academic Club, Charleston Southern University. May 2002

Student Advisor Honor: Charleston Southern University. May 2002, 2003

Student Advisor Honor: Coastal Carolina University. April 1997, 1998

Honors Graduate: Old Dominion University: Magna Cum Laude, May 1994

Dean’s List 1988 - 1994. Academic All-SUNYAC and All- American Honors participating in varsity football and wrestling. 1990, 1991.SUNY College at Cortland.

2006 -2011 Chattanooga Group: Educational Therapeutic Modality Loan: Grant supplies annual therapeutic modalities for laboratory instruction and practice. Type:Grant

2010 National Athletic Trainers' Association Diversity Grant: First Year Athletic Training Education Programs. Awarded endorsements for competency based learning. Type:Grant


Committee Service:- Northern Kentucky University and Charleston Southern University ( - Athletic Training Education Curriculum, Scholarship Forum, Student Voice, Athletics Advisory Committee (chair), Curriculum Committee, Program Development, Faculty Funds, Research Committee, Student Advisory Board )Type:University/College Service 2005 -2011

Hebron Baptist Church: CPR Instruction to religious educators (- Community Volunteer )2006 -2009

American Red Cross: CPR March Madness. Cincinnati, OH (- Community Volunteer )2006 -2009

Faculty Outreach: RA Jones Elementary School, Florence KY (- Community Volunteer )2008

Perfect Partners Participant: RA Jones Elementary School, Florence KY (- Community Volunteer )

American Red Cross Certification Workshops: Low Country Chapter, Charleston, SC and Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Cincinnati, OH (- Volunteer instructor )2000 -2009

Professional Affiliation

1992 -To Present: Member # 921748 National Athletic Trainers’ Association,

2000 -To Present: Reform subcommittee member Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training,

2005 -To Present: Annual Meeting Selection Committee National Athletic Trainers’ Association,

1997 -To Present: Professional Member American College of Sports Medicine,

2007 -To Present: Greater Cincinnati Athletic Trainer’s Association,

2006 -To Present: Kentucky State Athletic Trainer’s Association,

2005 -2008: Review Committee Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training,

1996 -2003: Certified Test Examiner for BOC National Exam

Contact Information

Academic - Health Sciences Building
3225 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267
Phone: (513) 558-3766