Tushar Ramesh

Tushar Ramesh , MD

Medical Resident/Fellow

Cardiovascular Disease Fellow

231 Albert Albert Sabin Way, MLC 0542
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
Email rameshtr@ucmail.uc.edu


Medical Degree: University of Alabama School of Medicine

Residency, Internal Medicine: Baylor College of Medicine


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ramesh, Tushar; Lee, Paul Yong Kyu; Mitta, Monica; Allencherril, Joseph (2021. ) Intravenous magnesium in the management of rapid atrial fibrillation: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Journal of cardiology, , More Information

Axley P, Ravi S, Arora SS, Ahmed Z, Ramesh T, Singal A. (2017. ) Hospital-acquired infection is the strongest predictor of in-hospital mortality in patients with alcoholic hepatitis. American Journal of Gastroenterology, , 112 ,S575

King N, Peerbhai S, Ramesh T, Karimzad K, Iliescu C. (2020. ) Torsades de pointes complicating Takotsubo stress cardiomyopathy in a cancer patient. Journal of the American College of Cardiology., , 75 (11 ) ,2478

Parwani P, Co M, Ramesh T, Akhter N, Iliescu C, Palaskas N, Kim P, Gladish G, Stojanovska J, Abramov D, Lopez-Mattei J. (2020. ) Differentiation of cardiac masses by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. .Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports., , 13 (1 ) ,Online

Prince AC, Moore LS, Tipirneni KE, Ramesh T, Limdi MA, Bevans SL, Walsh EM, Greene B, Rosenthal EL, Warram JM. (2018. ) Evaluation of optical imaging agents in a fluorescence-guided surgical model of head and neck cancer. Journal of surgical oncology., , 27 (2 ) ,225

Ramesh T, Fernandes CJ, Seymour ML, Lopez-Mattei J, Hui D. (2019. ) High flow oxygen to improve cardiac autonomic dysfunction during exercise in advanced cancer: a pilot study. Circulation, , 140 ,A14289

Ramesh T, Moore LS, Patel N, Tipirneni K, Warram JM, Richter JR, Walsh EM, Aaron GP, Morlandt AB, Hughley BB, Rosenthal EL. (2017. ) Effects of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy on flap perfusion in a novel mouse model using standard clinical assessment and near-infrared fluorescence angiography. .Archives of otolaryngology and rhinology., , 3 (2 ) ,038

Ramesh T, Nagula SV, Tardieu GG, Saker E, Shoja M, Loukas M, Oskouian RJ, Tubbs RS. (2017. ) Update on the notochord including its embryology, molecular development, and pathology: a primer for the clinician .Cereus, , 9 (4 ) ,e1137

Ravi S, Ahmed, Z, Arora S, Axley P, Ramesh T, Singal A (2017. ) Alcoholic hepatitis: a retrospective study of index hospitalization, survival, readmission, recidivism, recurrence and transplant .American Journal of Gastroenterology, , 112 ,S575

Kim, Peter Y; Irizarry-Caro, Jorge A; Ramesh, Tushar; Iliescu, Cezar; Lopez-Mattei, Juan C (2021. ) How to Diagnose and Manage QT Prolongation in Cancer Patients.JACC. CardioOncology, , 3 (1 ) ,145-149 More Information

Prince, Andrew C; Moore, Lindsay S; Tipirneni, Kiranya E; Ramesh, Tushar; Limdi, Mihir A; Bevans, Stephanie L; Walsh, Erika M; Greene, Benjamin; Rosenthal, Eben L; Warram, Jason M (2018. ) Evaluation of optical imaging agents in a fluorescence-guided surgical model of head and neck cancer.Surgical oncology, , 27 (2 ) ,225-230 More Information

Ramesh, Tushar; Nagula, Sai V; Tardieu, Gabrielle G; Saker, Erfanul; Shoja, Mohammadali; Loukas, Marios; Oskouian, Rod J; Tubbs, R Shane (2017. ) Update on the Notochord Including its Embryology, Molecular Development, and Pathology: A Primer for the Clinician.Cureus, , 9 (4 ) ,e1137 More Information

Contact Information

Academic - 231 Albert Albert Sabin Way, MLC 0542
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267