Hai Salfity

Hai Viet-Nguyen Salfity , MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Clinical

Medical Sciences Building

COM Surgery Thoracic - 0558


Undergraduate Degree: Indiana University-Purdue University West Lafayette, IN, 2007 (Biology)

Medical Degree: Indiana University School of Medicine Bloomington, IN, 2011

General Surgery Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine Bloomington, IN, 2018

Research Fellowship: Indiana University School of Medicine Bloomington, IN, 2015

Masters of Public Health: Indiana University School of Public Health Bloomington, IN, 2015

Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery: Duke University School of Medicine Durham, NC, 2021


American Board of Surgery (Certification Date: 06-05-2019 )

Clinical Interests


Cardiothoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery


Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery


Peer Reviewed Publications

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