Hyunjung Shim

Hyunjung Shim

Graduate Assistant


Peer Reviewed Publications

Shim, H. & Ra, K (2018. ) Implications of MeToo movement in South Korea on criminal justice .The Korean Association of Police Science Review, , 71 ,85-108

Kim, H., Lee, C., & Shim, H (2018. ) A study on factors related to individuals’ corruption behaviors .Korean Security Science Review, , 56 ,125-144

Shim. H., Shin, S., & Cho, Y (2017. ) Do routine activities among college students affect their sex crime victimization in subways .The Korean Association of Police Science Review, , 62 ,39-61

Park, S. & Shim, H (2015. ) Examining the risk factors of cyber bullying with social media among Korean youth .Journal of Public Safety and Criminal Justice, , 24 ,156-185

Shim, H. Wilkes, N., & Hayes, B. E (2021. ) It ain’t over till it’s over?: correlates of post-separation abuse among unmarried women in the republic of Korea .Violence Against Women, , -1-18

Other Publications

Korean Ministry of Education & Korean Association of Gender Equality on Campus (2020. ) How to prevent and respond to sexual violence on campus: guideline and tips for university professors [brochure] . The Ministry of Education

Published Books

Fisher, B. S., Daigle, L. E., & Cullen, F. T. (2021. ) Unsafe in the ivory tower: The sexual victimization of college women. (H. Shim & S. Shin, Trans). (Original work published 2009) .Seoul , Parkyoungsa


Invited Presentations

Kim, M. & Shim, H (2016. ) Human trafficking in South Korea and the Korean national action plan .ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Level:International

Shim, H (2016. ) Women’s right advocacy on university campus .the Open Forum for International Women’s Day, Seoul Foundation of Women and Family, Seoul, South Korea. Level:Regional

Poster Presentations

Shim, H., O, S., & Wilcox, P. (2019. ) Personality, delinquent lifestyle, and school victimization: A gender specific analysis .Annual meetings of the American Society of Criminology, San Francisco, CA.. .

Paper Presentations

Shim, H. Hayes, B. E., & Wilkes, N. (2021. ) Guardians at home vs. guardians of home: multi-level analysis of individual victimizations using NCVS .November, Chicago, IL. Conference.