Emily Louise Moscato

Graduate Assistant


Peer Reviewed Publications

Wade, Shari L; Cassedy, Amy E; Shultz, Emily L; Zang, Huaiyu; Zhang, Nanhua; Kirkwood, Michael W; Stancin, Terry; Yeates, Keith O; Taylor, H Gerry (2017. ) Randomized Clinical Trial of Online Parent Training for Behavior Problems After Early Brain Injury.Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, , 56 (11 ) ,930-939.e2 More Information

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Keim, Madelaine C; Lehmann, Vicky; Shultz, Emily L; Winning, Adrien M; Rausch, Joseph R; Barrera, Maru; Jo Gilmer, Mary; Murphy, Lexa K; Vannatta, Kathryn A; Compas, Bruce E; Gerhardt, Cynthia A (2017. ) Parent-Child Communication and Adjustment Among Children With Advanced and Non-Advanced Cancer in the First Year Following Diagnosis or Relapse.Journal of pediatric psychology, , 42 (8 ) ,871-881 More Information

Shultz, Emily L; Lehmann, Vicky; Rausch, Joseph R; Keim, Madelaine C; Winning, Adrien M; Olshefski, Randal S; Vannatta, Kathryn A; Compas, Bruce E; Gerhardt, Cynthia A (2017. ) Family estimates of risk for neurocognitive late effects following pediatric cancer: From diagnosis through the first three years of survivorship.Pediatric blood & cancer, , 64 (9 ) , More Information

Shultz, Emily L; Switala, Mary; Winning, Adrien M; Keim, Madelaine C; Baughcum, Amy E; Gerhardt, Cynthia A; Fortney, Christine A (2017. ) Multiple Perspectives of Symptoms and Suffering at End of Life in the NICU.Advances in neonatal care : official journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses, , 17 (3 ) ,175-183 More Information

Keim, Madelaine C; Fortney, Christine A; Shultz, Emily L; Winning, Adrien; Gerhardt, Cynthia A; Baughcum, Amy Parent Distress and the Decision to Have Another Child After an Infant's Death in the NICU.Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN, , 46 (3 ) ,446-455 More Information

Shultz, Emily L; Hoskinson, Kristen R; Keim, Madelaine C; Dennis, Maureen; Taylor, H Gerry; Bigler, Erin D; Rubin, Kenneth H; Vannatta, Kathryn; Gerhardt, Cynthia A; Stancin, Terry; Yeates, Keith Owen (2016. ) Adaptive functioning following pediatric traumatic brain injury: Relationship to executive function and processing speed.Neuropsychology, , 30 (7 ) ,830-40 More Information