Kathleen Singer

Kathleen Elizabeth Singer

Resident in General Surgery

Surgical Research Unit

COM Surgery Research - 0558

Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0558


Medical Degree, University of Massachusetts 2017

Bachelor's Degree, University of Chicago 2010 (History)

Positions and Work Experience

06-2014 -08-2014 Summer Student Research Program, Department of Newborn Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital–Harvard Medical School -- Participated in an 8 week summer research program that involved bench research with Dr. Pyong Park, observation of newborn care in the NICU and newborn nursery, as well as weekly seminar sessions with Newborn Medicine Fellows.,

10-2012 -06-2013 Fiebiger Lab Research Assistant, Department of Gastroenterology/Nutrition, Boston Children’s Hospital–Harvard Medical School -- Assisted K01-funded postdoc on her projects aimed at eluding the role of dendritic cells in IgE mediated immunity. Responsible for maintaining mouse colony and cell lines, conducting antigen challenge procedures, assisting with spleen and lymph node harvesting experiments with MACS separation.,

06-2011 -09-2012 Piao Lab Research Assistant, Department of Newborn Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital–Harvard Medical School -- Participated in ongoing molecular biology projects, served as lab manager, edited grants and manuscripts, as well as cared for the animal colony.,


Peer Reviewed Publications

Singer, Kathleen E; Collins, Courtney E; Flahive, Julie M; Wyman, Allison S; Ayturk, M Didem; Santry, Heena P (2017. ) Outpatient beta-blockers and survival from sepsis: Results from a national cohort of Medicare beneficiaries.American journal of surgery, , 214 (4 ) ,577-582

Hamann, Jörg; Aust, Gabriela; Araç, Demet; Engel, Felix B; Formstone, Caroline; Fredriksson, Robert; Hall, Randy A; Harty, Breanne L; Kirchhoff, Christiane; Knapp, Barbara; Krishnan, Arunkumar; Liebscher, Ines; Lin, Hsi-Hsien; Martinelli, David C; Monk, Kelly R; Peeters, Miriam C; Piao, Xianhua; Prömel, Simone; Schöneberg, Torsten; Schwartz, Thue W; Singer, Kathleen; Stacey, Martin; Ushkaryov, Yuri A; Vallon, Mario; Wolfrum, Uwe; Wright, Mathew W; Xu, Lei; Langenhan, Tobias; Schiöth, Helgi B (2015. ) International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. XCIV. Adhesion G protein-coupled receptors.Pharmacological reviews, , 67 (2 ) ,338-67

Platzer, B; Baker, K; Vera, M P; Singer, K; Panduro, M; Lexmond, W S; Turner, D; Vargas, S O; Kinet, J-P; Maurer, D; Baron, R M; Blumberg, R S; Fiebiger, E (2015. ) Dendritic cell-bound IgE functions to restrain allergic inflammation at mucosal sites.Mucosal immunology, , 8 (3 ) ,516-32

Jeong, Sung-Jin; Luo, Rong; Singer, Kathleen; Giera, Stefanie; Kreidberg, Jordan; Kiyozumi, Daiji; Shimono, Chisei; Sekiguchi, Kiyotoshi; Piao, Xianhua (2013. ) GPR56 functions together with ?3?1 integrin in regulating cerebral cortical development.PloS one, , 8 (7 ) ,e68781

Singer, Kathleen; Luo, Rong; Jeong, Sung-Jin; Piao, Xianhua (2013. ) GPR56 and the developing cerebral cortex: cells, matrix, and neuronal migration.Molecular neurobiology, , 47 (1 ) ,186-96

Hoehn, Richard S; Seitz, Aaron P; Singer, Kathleen E; Thompson, Jonathan R; Watkins, Brad M (2019. ) Enhanced Recovery Protocol for Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: Are Narcotics Necessary?.Journal of gastrointestinal surgery : official journal of the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, , 23 (8 ) ,1541-1546


Poster Presentations

Singer, K, Collins C, Flahive J, Santry H (12-2016. ) Effects of pre-admission beta-blocker use on outcomes in a national sample of elderly Americans admitted with sepsis .Massachusetts Medical Society Eleventh Annual Research Poster Symposium for Residents, Fellows, and Medical Students, Waltham, MA. .


Singer, K, Luo R, Jeong SJ, Piao X (09-2012. ) GPR56, together with alpha3-beta1 integrin, regulates cortical lamination .Adhesion GPCR Consortium, Wurtzburg, Germany.


Head Clinic Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteer, St. Anne’s Free Clinic -- Volunteered in a free clinic program under supervision by attending physicians. Served as the Head Clinic Coordinator from February 2014-February 2015. 09-2013 -04-2015

Board Member, Worcester Free Clinic Coalition -- Served as a volunteer representative on the executive board that oversaw five free clinics serving the greater Worcester area. Represented St. Anne’s clinic at meetings and advocated for assistance with resource management, volunteer recruitment, and for creating an EMR that would be most helpful to the clinic and its patients. 02-2014 -02-2015

Tutor, Boston Children’s Hospital -- Volunteered as a French, English, social studies, science, and math tutor for pediatric patients at Children’s Hospital. 02-2012 -10-2012

Volunteer, La Rabida Children’s Hospital -- Volunteered 150 hours on the inpatient unit and playroom at a small children’s hospital in Chicago specializing in chronic illness and child abuse. 01-2007 -06-2010

Contact Information

Academic - Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267-0558
Phone: 513-558-4206