David Stifler

David William Frierson Stifler

Asst Professor - Visiting

Blegen Library

A&S Classics - 0226

Professional Summary

David Stifler (PhD Duke, 2019) is a philologist with broad interests in the intellectual and social history of language usage throughout Greek and Roman civilization. His primary research focuses on the debates surrounding the Greek and Latin languages during the Classicizing intellectual movement of the Second Sophistic, including the competing claims to linguistic expertise and the complex relationships between language practice, ethnicity, and cultural identity. The satirical treatment of the era by the Syrian author Lucian of Samosata is the main subject of Dr. Stifler's current book project, which explores the different linguistic-ideological positions that Lucian caricatures and looks to Lucian as a guide to the intellectual landscape of the period. Other related interests include the debates on linguistic purism and fusion in the works of Aulus Gellius and Athenaeus, as well as an investigation into the usefulness of second century Atticizing lexicons for reconstructing the social strata of Imperial Greece. As an educator, he is focused on developing effective, research-based pedagogy for ancient languages as well as integrating active language use into the undergraduate curriculum.