Colleen Uscianowski

Colleen Uscianowski

Assistant Professor

Teachers College

CECH Early Childhood Education - 0022

Professional Summary

Dr. Colleen Uscianowski studies early childhood and elementary education. She conducts mixed methods research involving children's mathematical thinking, teachers' preparation, and the home math environment. Dr. Uscianowski is an affiliate member of the Development and Research in Early Math Education (DREME) network, where she works on the Family Math project. In addition, she is the director of the Child Learning Lab (


PhD: Teachers College, Columbia University New York, NY, (Cognitive Science in Education, Dept. of Human Development)

M.S.: Hunter College, CUNY New York, NY, (Learning Disabilities)

Research and Practice Interests

Dr. Colleen Uscianowski is the director of the Child Learning Lab. Her recent post-doctoral position focused on cognitive science in early education at Columbia University, under the guidance of DREME Network’s Dr. Herbert Ginsburg. She was part of DREME’s Family Engagement in Math and Teacher Educator projects, funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation. She previously served as a consultant on the US Department of Education Math and Science Partnership Title IIB grant, which focused on improving teacher knowledge of math in high-needs schools. Her expertise is in early math, design thinking, and teacher professional development.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Luna-Lucero, M., O’Donnell Oppenzato, C., Uscianowski, C., Almeda, M., & Ginsburg, H. (2020. ) “Magic Math Minute” Videos to Foster Understanding of Early Mathematics Learning. International Journal of Designs for Learning, , 11 (3 ) ,47

Uscianowski, C., Almeda, M., & Ginsburg, H. P. (2020. ) Differences in the complexity of math and literacy questions parents pose during storybook reading. .Early Childhood Research Quarterly, , 50 (3 ) ,40

Book Chapter

Ginsburg, H. P., Uscianowski, C., Carrazza, C., Levine, S. C. (2020 ) Print and digital picture books in the service of young children’s mathematics learning. Handbook of research on the education of young children (4th Ed.) .(pp. 85).New York, NY, Routledge

Uscianowski, C., Almeda, M, & Ginsburg, H. P. (2018 ) Interactive digital storybooks and the role of parents in supporting young children’s math development. Promising practices for engaging families in STEM Learning .(pp. 115-133).Charlotte, NC, Information Age Publishing

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Uscianowski, C. & Ginsburg, H. P. (2019. ) Parental support of early numeracy development during math storybook reading .. Symposium conducted at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada.. Conference. Level:National

Post Graduate Training and Education

2018-2020 Postdoctoral Researcher, Teachers College, Columbia University, , New York, NY

Courses Taught

Foundations of Math and Science Level:Undergraduate