Zoe Walters, MD

Zoe Ann Walters, MD



Medical Degree, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Ohio, 2019

Bacherlor's of Arts, Colorado College Colorado, 2014


Peer Reviewed Publications

Lipschitz N.;Kohlberg G.;Walters Z.;Tawfik K.;Samy R.;Pensak M.;Zuccarello M.;Andaluz N.;Dinapoli V.;Breen J. (12-01-2019. )Obesity Is Not Associated with Postoperative Complications after Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery in a .Otology and Neurotology, ,40 (10 ),1373-1377

Stevens S.;Walters Z.;Babo K.;Peddireddy N.;Tawfik K.;Samy R. (11-01-2019. )Canal reconstruction mastoidectomy: Outcomes comparison following primary versus secondary surgery.Laryngoscope, ,129 (11 ),2580-2587

Tawfik K.;Leader B.;Walters Z.;Choo D. (06-01-2019. )Relative Preservation of Superior Semicircular Canal Architecture in CHARGE Syndrome.Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (United States), ,160 (6 ),1095-1100

Tawfik K.O.;Walters Z.A.;Kohlberg G.D.;Lipschitz N.;Breen J.T.;O’Neal K.;Zuccarello M.;Samy R.N. (01-01-2019. )Impact of Motor-Evoked Potential Monitoring on Facial Nerve Outcomes after Vestibular Schwannoma Res.Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, ,128 (1 ),56-61

Lipschitz N.;Kohlberg G.;Tawfik K.;Walters Z.;Breen J.;Zuccarello M.;Andaluz N.;Dinapoli V.;Pensak M.;Samy R. (01-01-2019. )Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Rate after Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery via Middle Cranial Fossa Approach.Journal of Neurological Surgery, Part B: Skull Base, ,80 (4 ),437-440

Kohlberg G.;Lipschitz N.;Tawfik K.;Walters Z.;Breen J.;Zuccarello M.;Andaluz N.;Dinapoli V.;Pensak M.;Samy R. (01-01-2019. )Application of Ultrasonic Bone Aspirator for Decompression of the Internal Auditory Canal via the Mi.Otology and Neurotology, ,40 (1 ),114-120

Tawfik K.;Harmon J.;Walters Z.;Samy R.;de Alarcon A.;Stevens S.;Abruzzo T. (05-01-2018. )Facial Palsy Following Embolization of a Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma.Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, ,127 (5 ),344-348

Stevens S.M.;Walters Z.A.;Tawfik K.;Samy R.N. (01-01-2018. )Two Consecutive Cases of Persistent Stapedial Artery Managed With a Carbon Dioxide Laser.Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, ,127 (1 ),59-63

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