William Weir

William John Weir

Instructor - Adjunct

Braunstein Hall

A&S Anthropology Adjuncts - 0380

Professional Summary

William Weir holds a B.A. in Classics and Anthropology and a M.A. in Classics, both from the University at Albany. Mr. Weir is currently a graduate student in the Bronze Age Archaeology program with a focus on the island of Cyprus. He has conducted fieldwork at the Cypriot Bronze Age sites of Pyrgos Mavororaki and Sotira Kaminoudhia and is currently working at Episkopi Bamboula in Cyprus. He has also conducted fieldwork at the Roman site of Viminacium in Stari Kostolac, Serbia. Mr. Weir has extensive experience in Cultural Resource Management with the Louis Berger Group, Inc. where he served as a Principle Investigator participating in and directing fieldwork in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast states in addition to Indiana and Baghdad, Iraq.