Dan A Wiginton


Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Pediatrics CCHMC Aff Faculty - 0054

Research and Practice Interests

My current research is aimed at understanding development of intestinal epithelium and the cell differentiation that occurs there. There is a regulatory network that controls these processes by regulating intestinal gene expression. We seek to determinethe cis-acting sites and trans-acting factors that comprise this network and how they function and interact in controlling intestinal genes. We are currently using the adenosine deaminase (ADA) gene as a model. Multiple regulatory modules have been identified in and around the human and mouse ADA genes. Most contain cell- or tissue-specific enhancers. One of these modules is intestine specific and contains a duodenal-specific enhancer. This module and enhancer are being studied to understand how they function. Their function and regulation in the intestine will give us important information about intestinal gene regulation in general, as well as insight into what governs epithelial development and cell-type specification. Transgenic mice and mammalian cell culture are used extensively in these studies, along with a wide variety of molecular techniques.


Biochemistry,Molecular Biology,Molecular Interaction,Gene Regulation,Protein Purification,Nucleic Acid Hybridization,Regulatory Enzyme,Human Developmental Biology,Human Genetics,Metabolism of Purine,Enzyme,Intestine,Intestinal Gene Regulation