Shuling Zheng

Shuling Zheng

Assistant Professor

Health UC - Georgetown

COM Pathology Clinical - 0529

University of Cincinnati Medical Center
234 Goodman St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219


PhD, University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX, 2006

Medical Degree, Qingdao University Medical College PR China, 1993

Residency, Stony Brook Medicine University Hospital NY, 2015 (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology)

Surgical Pathology Fellowship, University of Utah/ ARUP Laboratories UT, 2016

Genitourinary/ Renal Pathology Fellowship, Mount Sinai Health System NY, 2017

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Pathology-Anatomic and Clinical


Peer Reviewed Publications

Nurieva, Roza I; Zheng, Shuling; Jin, Wei; Chung, Yeonseok; Zhang, Yongliang; Martinez, Gustavo J; Reynolds, Joseph M; Wang, Sung-Ling; Lin, Xin; Sun, Shao-Cong; Lozano, Guillermina; Dong, Chen (2010. )The E3 ubiquitin ligase GRAIL regulates T cell tolerance and regulatory T cell function by mediating T cell receptor-CD3 degradation.Immunity, ,32 (5 ),670-80

Gibbons, Don L; Lin, Wei; Creighton, Chad J; Zheng, Shuling; Berel, Dror; Yang, Yanan; Raso, Maria Gabriela; Liu, Diane D; Wistuba, Ignacio I; Lozano, Guillermina; Kurie, Jonathan M (2009. )Expression signatures of metastatic capacity in a genetic mouse model of lung adenocarcinoma.PloS one, ,4 (4 ),e5401

Zheng S, et al. (2017. )Immune complex kidney disease and HIV associated nephropathy in renal allografts of HIV infected patients .Modern Pathology, ,

Zheng S, et al. (2012. )Management of radial sclerosing lesions/radial scars diagnosed in core biopsies: excision or not? .Modern Pathology, ,25 (76a ),

Neuriva RL, Zheng S, et al (2010. )A critical role of GRAIL in T cell activation and tolerance .Journal of Immunology, ,184 (50.18 ),

Zheng S, El-Naggar A, et al. (2007. )A genetic mouse model for metastatic lung cancer with gender differences in survival .Oncogene, ,26 (48 ),6896-904

Tao Lu, Zheng S, et al. (2007. )Increased genetic instability and metastases from spontaneous murine lung adenocarcinomas with K-ras and p53 Rl 72H g mutations .Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res, ,5718

Zheng S, Stephens C, et al. (2004. )Metastatic lung cancer induced by the cooperation of p53 and K-ras mutations in mice .Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res, ,v45

Post Graduate Training and Education

2011-2015 Pathology Residency, Stony Brook Medicine University Hospital, ,Stony Brook, NY

2015-2016 Pathology Fellowship, University of Utah/ARUP Laboratories, ,Salt Lake City, UT

2016-2017 Pathology Fellowship, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, ,New York, NY

Contact Information

Academic - University of Cincinnati Medical Center
234 Goodman St
CincinnatiĀ  Ohio, 45219
Phone: (513) 584-7284
Fax: (513) 584-3892