Point-of-Care Systems Design Laboratory (POCSDL)

Fred Beyette

Point-of-Care Systems Design Laboratory (POCSDL) is a medical devices research laboratory under the direction of Dr. Fred R. Beyette Jr., School of Electronics and Computing Systems at the University of Cincinnati. POCSDL comprises graduate students and researchers, typically from electrical and computer engineering backgrounds and focuses on building point-of-care medical devices that include, but not limited to non-invasive sensor and monitoring systems, computing systems for neuro-emergencies, blood and spinal fluid analysis and devices for instructional purposes.  An additional interest of POCSDL is in educating students in the field of biomedical electronics and computing. POCSDL is currently working on design of biomedical electronics and computing coursework structure that can be offered to electrical and computer engineering graduate students to assist and equip them for biomedical engineering projects (specifically, medical product design and development).