Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Samuel H. Huang

Our mission is to develop computerized systems to support human experts in improving manufacturing productivity and health care delivery efficiency. These systems are used as a tool to expand the perception and computation ability of experts so they can make better decisions more efficiently.   We engage in the following activities:
·       Applied research, which focuses on developing methods, algorithms, and tools to convert unstructured data into useful information and easy to understand knowledge. The main aim is to meet the challenges of missing data values, high data dimensionality, and imbalanced data distribution that occur often in health care applications such as gene expression-based diagnosis and adverse drug reaction detection.
·       Industrial applications, which focuses on applying research advances to solving real-world industrial problems. The emphasis is on rigorous problem formulation (using mathematical/analytical tools) and seamless incorporation of human expertise in the development of cost-effective solutions.
·       Education innovation, which focuses on implementing the problem-based learning pedagogy in a simulation game-based environment for engineering education.
Our motto is Scientific Innovation, Industry Outreach, and Student Success. We believe technology advance must be built on scientifically sound and mathematically rigorous innovations. Technologies developed in laboratory must be validated in real-world applications and ultimately transferred to industry to fully realize their benefits. Finally, we promote a virtual company-based education strategy that emphasizes the use of information technology, collaborative problem solving, and hands-on skills so students can be successful in the modern working environment.