Computational Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory (CFDRL)

Some of the on-going projects at CFDRL:

  1. Study of active and passive flow control techniques over turbine blades.
  2. Turbine-blade cooling funded by the Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute (DAGSI).
  3. Use of CFD in the Occupational Safety through funded projects from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Cincinnati.
  4. Interfacial phenomena occurring at an air-water interface.
  5. Open source CFD software (OpenFOAM) validation.
  6. AEROFLO CFD software validation
  7. Study of non-newtonian flows
Students are exposed to the use of a variety of commercial software.  The following is a list of some of the software available for use at CFDRL:

Preprocessing Capabilities:
  1. Gambit
  2. Tgrid
  3. Gridgen
  4. GridPro
  1. Fluent
  2. STAR-CD
  3. OpenFOAM
  1. Tecplot360
  2. Paraview
    Apart from using commercial software, students are encouraged to generate home-grown code and emphasis is laid on pursuing elegant solution techniques for problems.  For large problems with many degrees of freedom, computing resources at the Ohio Supercomputer Center are available.