Confocal Imaging Core (CCHMC)

Matthew Kofron

We will train you to use state-of-the-art confocal microscopes for your research. We provide access to confocal microscopes, deconvolution microscopes and computer analysis workstations. Once you’ve been trained by our staff, you may access our facilities 24 hours a day.

  • Imaging

    Imaging is our primary mission, and at the heart of what we do. We are here to aid you in obtaining the highest quality images for research, analysis, and publication. We have a variety of different systems available to suit your imaging needs. For more information on available systems, click here.
    We also have a great variety of techniques available to help you gain the data you desire.

    Some of the techniques we utilize are:

    • Fluorescence Microscopy
    • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
    • Phase Contrast
    • Total Internal Reflection (TIRF)
    • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)
    • Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching (FRAP)
    • Superresolution Microscopy (STORM, SIM coming soon)
    • Multiphoton Microscopy

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  • Analysis

    We have a full suite of computers dedicated to image analysis. Currently, we have the following workstations available:

    1. Imaging Workstation 1: Zeiss LSM, Axiovision, ZEN, ImageJ
    2. Imaging Workstation 2: Zeiss Axiovision, NIS-Elements, ImageJ, Photoshop Elements
    3. Imaging Workstation 3: Zeiss Axiovision, Bitplane Imaris, NIS-Elements, ImageJ, Photoshop Elements, MatLab, R
    4. Imaging Workstation 4: Zeiss Axiovision, Bitplane Imaris, XUVtools, NIS-Elements, ImageJ, Photoshop Elements, MatLab, R
    You may also wish to download file viewing/analysis software so you may work with the images in their native format or analyse them at your workstation of choice. Follow the links below to download.
    • Nikon NIS-Elements Viewer (Mac and PC)
    • Bitplane Imaris (both a full version demo and the free Scene Viewer are available for both major operating systems here)
    • Zeiss ZEN Lite (PC only)
    • Zeiss AxioVision LE (PC only)
    • Zeiss LSM Image Browser (PC only)
    • ImageJ (available for Mac, Linux, and Windows here)
    • Fiji (available for Mac, Linux, and Windows here)

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  • Training

    All users need to be properly trained on each individual system. Training sessions are done either one-on-one, or in a small group of 2-3 users using your samples. No training is required for the analysis workstations, but we do offer training for users who request it. Fill out the training request form to schedule training. Microscope schedules are available at the CCHMC Equipment Booking Site.

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  • Consultation

    If you have any questions about imaging, experimental set up, or would simply like someone to help you through your first few times imaging, we offer consultation at no cost to the user. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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