FACScalibur/Flow Cytometry Core

William Miller PhD

A FACSCalibur four color flow cytometer system is available for use by researchers. The instrument is available seven days a week 24 hours per day in CARE 2876.

For access to the instrument and the online calendar, please contact Dr. Miller.

  • Standard use of the FACSCalibur


    20.00 per half hour

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  • FACSCalibur Four Color Flow Cytometer

    The FACSCalibur is configured as follows:

    • FL1 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 515-545nm Emission Filter (FITC, GFP, etc.)
    • FL2 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 564-601nm Emission Filter (PE, PI, RFP, etc.)
    • FL3 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 670LP Emission Filter (7-AAD, PerCP, etc)
    • FL4 Channel - Red Laser (635nm) and 653-669nm Emission Filter (APC, Cy5, etc.)
    It is running the BS CellQuest Pro Software.

    The instrument is available on a first-come, first serve basis. Once given permission to use the equipment researchers can sign up online to reserve their time on the machine. 

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