Niehoff Studio (DAAP)

Frank Russell

The Niehoff Urban Studio is a unique interdisciplinary initiative undertaken to address urban issues that challenge the quality of life in Cincinnati. The studio endeavors to engage the community in an urban problem solving effort. The studio is located on Short Vine in Corryville and includes classroom, meeting, and exhibit areas. Since its inception in 2002 more than 800 students in urban planning, engineering,  architecture, design, anthropology, business, nursing, political science, urban geography and others have participated and partnered with more than 100 community based organizations on projects intended to make Cincinnati more sustainable.

This academic outreach partnership is made possible through the present and past sponsorship and collaboration of Mr. H.C. Buck Niehoff, the Harriet R. Williams Downey Fund, the Robert and Adele Schiff Family Foundation, the George Fabe Family Foundation,  the Kroger Corporation, the Ohio Urban University Program, University of Cincinnati Institute for Community Partnerships, the University of Cincinnati Taft Research Center, and the University of Cincinnati Office of the Provost for Academic Affairs, as well as dozens of individual donors.

University Collaborations
The Studio has benefitted from the participation from the College of DAAP Schools of Architecture and Interior Design, Planning, Design, and Art ; The College of  Engineering and Applied Sciences Civil  Engineering Department;  the College of Arts and Science of Arts and Sciences, Departments of Economics, Geography, Anthropology, Journalism, Political Science; the College of Nursing; the Lindner College of Business Real Estate and Marketing Programs . The program is administered by the College of DAAP Community Design Center with oversight by the University Provost for Academic Affairs.