Institute for Policy Research

Kim Downing

Since its establishment in 1971, the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) has developed nationally recognized capabilities in survey research. The Institute conducts complex, large-scale surveys. The Institute's professional staff has experience in a variety of data collection modes, including: via telephone, mail and Web-based surveys as well as in-person interviews, focus group discussions and direct observations.  Additionally, IPR staff have extensive experience developing research designs and methodologies including: needs assessment, program evaluation, content analysis, scale development and validation, time-series and cluster analysis.

The IPR has state-of-the-art computer capabilities for data analysis, data tabulation and data management.

Telephone interviewing takes place in a supervised, central facility located within the Institute using a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system. Mail surveys and Web-based surveys are also handled in-house with tools such as optical-scanning for mail surveys and Web middleware on dedicated servers with secure access for Web-based surveys.

The IPR hosts the Social, Behavioral and Health Science Data Archive providing access and support for use of secondary data collections for research and instruction. The holdings include studies from a variety of sources: the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), the National Opinion Research Center, the International Survey Library Association (Roper Center), the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, the National Center for Health Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Ohio Department of Development Office of Strategic Research.

  • The Ohio Poll

    The Ohio Poll is a semiannual survey that explores the attitudes and opinions of Ohioans on a variety of public policy topics. Operated on a cost-share basis, the Ohio Poll provides research services for Ohio state agencies, universities, and state-affiliated groups.

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  • Health Survey Research Program

    Health Survey Research Program

    The IPR conducts studies that guide local, regional, and national health policymakers in planning and decision-making.

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  • Southwest Ohio Regional Data Center

    Southwest Ohio Regional Data Center (SORDC) is a major regional resource for organizations needing demographic or economic analysis, needs assessment, or program evaluation. The SORDC is affiliated with the Ohio Data Users Centers, the US Bureau of the Census, and the National Center for Health Statistics.

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  • Social, Behavioral, and Health Science Data Archive

    Social, Behavioral, and Health Science Data Archive

    The Institute maintains a vast collection of census data, public opinion information, legislative voting records, and other social and economic indicators. These data can provide vital information for researchers and program evaluators.

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  • The Greater Cincinnati Survey (GCS)

    The Greater Cincinnati Survey (GCS) is a semiannual survey of the Cincinnati metropolitan area and is operated on a cost-share basis. This survey gives policymakers and interested organizations an opportunity to gather data in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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  • Custom Research Services

    Custom Research Services

    The IPR provides full-service survey research services tailored to your fit specific needs. the IPR research staff will assist you with the appropriate research design to fit your particular research needs. IPR's custom research services include the following:

    • Telephone surveys
    • Focus group interviews
    • Mail surveys
    • Personal interviews
    • Web-based surveys
    • Performance measurement
    • Observational studies
    • Program evaluation
    • Policy analysis
    • Secondary analysis
    • Needs assessment

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