Live Well Collaborative

Linda Dunseath

The Live Well Collaborative(LWC) is a non-profit founded in 2007 by University of Cincinnati(UC) and Procter and Gamble(P&G). Its purpose is to specialize in research and development of products and services for living well across the lifespan with an expertise in the 50+ market place. The LWC working with UC, taps the talent of the top-ranked colleges of DAAP, Business, Engineering, Nursing and Medicine among many others to do semester long corporate or institutionally sponsored project studios. Interdisciplinary teams of UC faculty and students use a design thinking approach to translated consumer research into products and services. The LWC leverages the vitality and unbiased innovation capacity of students and faculty across multiple disciplines coupled with feedback from consumer sample groups to do this.

  • Use of Live Well Collaborative Studio

    Use of the Live Well collaborative studio requires both a Membership Fee and a Studio Project Fee. For more information contact:

    Linda A. Dunseath, Executive Director
    513.558.7348 office
    513.659.0290 mobile

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