The Center for Global Design and Manufacturing and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Lab

Sam Anand

The Center for Global Design and Manufacturing and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Lab  are focused on teaching/research in Advanced Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management.

  • Advanced Manufacturing research in CGDM is focused on the development of computational algorithms/methods for modeling machine and process errors and determining optimal process parameters by simulating virtual models of manufacturing processes including Additive processes (Additive Manufacturing (AM)/3D Printing). The main objectives associated with this research are improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes in three core areas: a) improved part accuracy and quality, b) optimal material utilization and c) reduced energy expenditure (sustainable manufacturing)
  • The Center also serves as a central location to educate and train students in Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) methods in an interdisciplinary environment as a part of Partners for Academic Collaboration in Engineering Education (PACE).  PACE is an industry-academia consortium which aims to impart math based engineering education and promote research in areas of engineering design, manufacturing and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM). Teaching, training and research activities at the Center span all aspects of the product lifecycle from conceptual design to engineering analysis and manufacturing, culminating with reuse, recycling and de-manufacturing.  In keeping with changing trends in the industry, there is a significant emphasis on virtual design and manufacturing analysis to compliment traditional methods.