Center on DAAP Research & Innovation

The center for DAAP Research and Innovation is a HUB for faculty, students, and industry partners to do research and innovation in the capacity areas of health and wellbeing, creative entrepreneurship, urban systems, digital culture, and sustainable living.

The center explores the areas between human activity, human invention, research, and innovation with the integration of technology, human factors, and aesthetics through the lens of Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Art, and Planning knowledge. Crucial and demanding trends in the aforementioned areas will be researched including health equity, public health, affordable housing, climate change, resiliency, future of work, decolonization, human rights, technology, and society, to mention a few.

The center’s group of scholars aim to bring about research and innovation catalyzed in the creative discipline’s expertise to position CDRI as the epic center for collaborative creativity and societal transformative outcomes.