Clinical Studies Participant Recruitment Service

Sara Keegan, Clinical Research Manager

The Participant Recruitment and Clinical Research Service Center is a unique resource provided by the University Of Cincinnati Department Of Emergency Medicine to support research conducted across the Academic Health Center. The Center is staffed by a team of clinical research coordinators (CRC). Together, they provide a centralized, coordinated approach to screening and recruiting patients for research participation, collecting and processing specimen samples and data, and entering data into clinical trial databases. 

Location & Hours: 
CRCs are fully integrated into the Emergency Department at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, West Chester and Jewish hospitals, where they work in tandem with the clinical team. The Center staff is available 24hrs/day, 7 days/week.

General Screening Services - $625/month (Internal); $995/month (External)

  • CRC availability 24hrs/day for screening and identification of potential study participants and/or healthy controls by monitoring newly-arrived Emergency Department patients through all available means, including patient tracking systems, ED rounds, and electronic health record review.
Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Services - $37.50/hr (Internal); $60/hr (External) 
  • Study-specific screen – detailed screening assessment to determine inclusion/exclusion criteria, may include medical record review, consultation with treatment team, patient interview and/or assessment
  • Enrollment & consenting – move forward with enrollment of patients who agree to participate in an active therapeutic, interventional research study; this may include additional screening activities
  • Study-specific procedures/assessments – protocol specific procedures/assessments
  • Phlebotomy –  single-stick, blood draws for collection, analysis or shipping
  • Follow-Up – assist with telephone and interview follow-up procedures with enrolled subjects
  • Data/chart abstraction – medical record review to glean data for case report form completion
  • Training – each CRC is required to be trained on each new study protocol