Engineering Research Center (ERC) Cleanroom

Chong Ahn

The Engineering Research Center Clean Room is a central fabrication, processing, and characterization center intended to be used by a diverse campus wide research community. The more than 8000 square foot facility includes areas of class 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 clean room spaces.  It includes lithography, deposition, etching, oxidation, diffusion, and characterization tools from nanoscale to microscale device fabrication.

  • Equipment type 1:

    Photolithography, ozone cleaning, furnace oxidation/diffusion, UV-curing conveyor, electroplater, contact angle analyzer, 3D printer, inverted microscope, suss spinner, laser cutter, hot roller, mini-labo coater, bio-dot printer, and wire bonder.

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  • ​Equipment type 2:

    Thermal evaporator, SEM sputter coater, Parylene coater, wabash press, RTA, and substrate bonder.

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  • ​Equipment type 3:

    Scanning electron microscope, reactive ion etcher, ICP etcher, AFM, ellipsometer, probe station electrical measurement, contour microscope, injection molding, 5-axis milling, profilometer, GC-MS, and nano-imprint lithography.

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  • ​Equipment type 4:

    Metallization - E-beam evaporation and sputtering.

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