In Vivo Radiation Measurement Lab

The University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science has state-of-the-art laboratories for performing high sensitivity measurements of radioactive materials in soil, water, and air. Persons who may have inhaled or ingested a radioactive substance can also be evaluated at the UC In Vivo Radiation Measurement Lab. In the event of an emergency we are prepared to evaluate workers, first-responders, and others who may be at risk of internal exposure to radioactive materials. These resources are available any time to assist in the event of a radiological emergency.

Laboratory for Direct (In Vivo) Measurement of Internally Deposited Radioactive Materials

The In Vivo Radiation Measurement Laboratory is located at the UC Center Hill Research Facility (5997 Center Hill Avenue) with easy access from I-75.   Measurements are performed for persons who may have inhaled or ingested radioactive materials arising from occupational or environmental exposure, accidents, or incidents of radiological malfeasance. The laboratory has two large examination rooms, each with arrays of detectors for performing direct, in vivo measurements. After the Fukushima accident, persons returning from Japan were examined to determine whether they have been exposed to radioactive material. A typical in vivo exam, shown at the right, involves placing detectors over the chest for approximately 30 minutes.  The room is equipped with a remote controlled television and radio for the comfort of the person being examined.  
UC has designed, fabricated, and patented anthropometric devices (phantoms) for calibrating direct in vivo measurements of uranium and transuranic radionuclides that may be deposited in the lungs, liver, and skeleton. Calibration phantoms have also been developed for measuring radioactive materials in wounds and lymph nodes.  These phantoms are used at many national and governmental laboratories around the world including the International Atomic Energy Agency. The UC In Vivo Radiation Measurement Laboratory is the only research facility of its kind in the United States that is dedicated solely for education and research.

Laboratories for Nuclear Forensics Research Laboratory for Radiological Assessment & Measurement

The UC Laboratories for Nuclear Forensics Research is located on the UC campus.  These labs include resources to perform high sensitivity measurements of any type of radioactive material including uranium, thorium, plutonium, and other special nuclear materials. Measurements are performed using samples of soil, vegetation, air, or foods to determine the content of natural or technologically enhanced radioactive material.  Biological samples are also analyzed to evaluate radioactive materials that may have been accidentally inhaled or ingested.
The objective of nuclear forensics, an interdisciplinary science that includes technologies from engineering, chemistry and physics, is to evaluate an unknown sample of intercepted nuclear material and determine how, when, and where it was produced.    The laboratory has facilities for chemically processing samples and includes a wide range of instruments to evaluate the provenance of any radioactive material. 
Our principle mission at the University of Cincinnati is to train graduate students from engineering, chemi