Surgical Innovation

Judy Heyl

Expanding the Frontiers of MedicineThe Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI) is a collaboration between the University of Cincinnati (UC) Departments of Surgery, Bio-medical Engineering, Emergency Medicine, and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

The collaboration was established to develop, assess, and enhance new technologies in biomedical and surgical care. Located on the campus of the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, CSI is a 3,700-square-foot state-of-the-art research and teaching facility. The space includes both a teaching laboratory and a sterile operating room, equipped with the latest surgical technology.

Through collaborative partnerships with regional businesses, medical practitioners, engineers and scientists, CSI assists in the discovery of new technologies via biomedical and surgical innovation, which ultimately enhances the practice of medicine and improves patient care.

Whether it is continuing medical education, device development, procedure modification, or training and simulation, CSI is a tremendous resource that is ready to meet your needs.

CSI welcomes the opportunity to work with regional industries. Surgeons, medical practitioners and scientists from across the region come to our state-of-the-art training and conference facility to teach, train, explore and discover.
The lab has the capability of both animate (animal) and inanimate (cadaver) models to be used for teaching, training and research. All cadavers are provided to us by the University of Cincinnati Body Donation Program, the single largest medical institution for body donations in the United States.
CSI is equipped with the following technologies:
• Laparoscopy
• Fluoroscopy
• Telemedicine
• Video Recording
• Didactic Lecture
The facility is also equipped with:
• Five plasma screens and a projector that can be used to project images and demonstrate procedures
• Space for up to seven stations and 40-50 people
• A small conference room adjoining the lab with a plasma screen and projector (access to larger rooms located within the department of surgery and the University of Cincinnati is also available)

There are five trained staff members of CSI that are available for the planning and organizing of your lab to ensure that all of your lab requirements are met.

Building collaborative partnerships is a key component of CSI's continuing success. CSI has grown and benefited from generous donations of financial support, as well as donations of hardware from both internal and external sources. Additionally, CSI is grateful for philanthropic commitments, and was established in part by a generous gift from Mr. Carl Lindner, a Cincinnati business leader.