Sue Schlembach

Sue Elaine Schlembach , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Professional Summary

Sue Schlembach, PhD, Assistant Professor Education, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, teaches courses in early childhood education and human development.
Sue assisted with the planning, design and implementation of the new Associates of Applied Science Program in Early Childhood Care and Education at UC Blue Ash College. She serves as child development consultant for Cincinnati area shelters serving families and young children experiencing homelessness; and is an active member of SWOAEYC, contributing to public policy committee work advocating for access to quality affordable early care and education for all of Ohio’s children and families.
Sue has published and presented nationally and internationally on the topics of early childhood development and education in nature playscapes. She also published and presented original research on the value of play for young children and families experiencing homelessness in the greater Cincinnati area. Scholarly work in 2020-2021 includes the publication of a collaborative study of transparent assignment design; and presentation at a local academic conference on tenants of applying social justice in higher education classrooms.
Sue previously served as Research Associate with the University of Cincinnati Arlitt Center for Education, Research, and Sustainability, and as an Instructor with the University of Cincinnati Early Childhood Education Online program. She also served as Co-Project Coordinator and Researcher for a $1.6 million National Science Foundation supported mixed-methods project investigating early STEM learning in nature playscapes. Sue’s current scholarly work focuses on equitable in-person and remote learning and teaching practices within community college teacher education courses. Sue is designing an investigation of faculty and student perceptions of social justice in community college classrooms, and also a study of faculty perceptions and use of Open Education Resources (OER’s). Future collaborative projects include the study of pre and in-service early childhood educators’ perceptions of early learning in nature, and early childhood education majors’ understanding of environmental education for sustainability.

Research Support

Grant: #ODHE Prof. Dev. Investigators:Bryan, Kathleen; Schlembach, Susan 01-01-2019 -06-30-2019 Department of Education REGIONAL & COLLABORATIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Role:Collaborator $2,000.00 Awarded Level:Federal